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People often tell me it seems like I’m on the grind constantly. It might surprise you to know that I’m not working long hours, I’m just working smart hours.
Things that I do daily are in smaller bites and mostly completed in the mornings. I have most of my afternoons to myself, and I work again for a few hours in the evening before diner.

My schedule works for me because I like to break up my day with fun stuff like playing with my dogs, spending time with my family, and working on my own personal projects.
I write prolifically and consistently daily as part of my career. I do work pretty much every day unless I feel like taking a personal day or two, but mostly that’s on weekends.

My life philosophy is to enjoy each day as it comes, live, love and laugh. It’s a priority.

I am highly motivated because I love my job and enjoy the creative side of it and the challenges that come with being a digital music publicist and radio host. My clients are fun people, so I make sure to handpick who I work with. That’s a fundamental work goal to aspire for.

Believe me. I’m not a productivity robot like you might think. I don’t work 14 hour days. Most of my activities on social media are fun, and the basics are pre-scheduled. That gives the impression that I’m on social 24-7, but I do actually sleep. 6-7 hours a night typically. 🙂

I don’t do a ton of busywork throughout the day. Mostly, I do a small handful of things really well and consistently. I’m always fine-tuning my process through investigating and research as well as weekly analysis.

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Here are some tips to get you motivated to get through your workload more efficiently.

  1. Try something new today that will inspire fresh ideas. I research topics, watch a video or explore ideas. It keeps my mind engaged and keeps me thinking.
  2. Make a to-do list to motivate you to complete tasks. The hardest tasks need to be upfront, and the fun tasks can be done as rewards or breaks from harder stuff. Break up tough things, so you don’t get fatigued.
  3. Start exercising, and you’ll feel more energized and clear-minded. I love to go for walks with my dog or have playtime with them. I incorporate yoga into my morning routine, and I make sure I’m active at least every 60 minutes.
  4. Have a reward system, so you’ll have something to look forward to when you accomplish tasks. My favorite rewards are walking with the dogs, coffee on Instagram, watching videos, movies, getting a new toy for the dogs, and getting that playtime in.
  5. Get the hard stuff done first thing in the morning, so it’s done when you are fresh. This is essential. I work fast and efficiently in the mornings. I have about 4 hours that are my best; after that, I need lots of breaks and more fun tasks, so I arrange my schedule to fit those limits. Knowing your body is essential to having good health and less stress.
  6. Eat right to keep your energy up. If I don’t eat little snacks and meals all day, I get tired. My energy is way better with a mix of protein and carbs. This includes Almonds, cheese, apples, oranges, berries, oatmeal, granola, yogurt pretzels, raw veggies and hummus, baked chicken, fish, and steak on occasion. Some pasta when I feel like it. Did I leave out chocolate? lol . I actually eat all day, yet I stay thin because the little meals don’t weigh me down. I have alot of energy, and if I don’t eat little meals, I literally fall asleep. Healthy eating is essential.

Written by Jacqueline Jax :

Jacqueline Jax :
Music Publicist, Radio host and Happy Dog Mom