Tessa Brooks Shows Her Strength and Determination into 1 Million Youtube Subs is showing her fans what a strong, determined social media star looks like.

Brooks, just a couple weeks shy of her 19th birthday, has already established herself as a top content creator in multiple categories. She shows off her fashion sense through semi-regular lookbooks and often uses her videos to display her lifelong love of dance. In vlogs, meanwhile, she shares her life with subscribers, and millions are tuning in. Here’s our conversation with her:


How does it feel to have more than three million YouTube subscribers? What do you have to say to your fans?

Tessa Brooks: It is honestly something that I have never really been able to wrap my head around and I’m so incredibly thankful to have such an incredible fanbase this early in my YouTube career. I just want to thank them all for watching my videos and I hope that they enjoy everything that we have planned for this year!


You’ve experienced a relatively quick rise to fame. Why do you think that is?

TB: I really focused on making sure I was as real and authentic as possible in my videos and I think that that is a really important characteristic for anyone who is a fan of someone online. In the relationship between a fan and an online creator, fans should have a sense of feeling that they actually know the person they’re watching and I like to think I’m the same person when I’m vlogging and when I’m meeting someone in person for the first time.

 What do you think are the elements of a good vlog?

TB: A good vlog is able to tell a continuous story. You’re essentially bringing a bunch of clips together to tell one larger story, whether that’s an entire vacation or just what you did in one day, and a good vlog is able to tie together the storytelling, the inner monologue of the vlogger, and anything that is actually happening in the vlog in one fun to watch package.

How do you put together your lookbooks, and what words would you use to describe your sense of style?

TB: My lookbook videos are a collaboration with some of my closest friends – I have an incredible stylist who works with me to make sure my looks are on point and my videographer friend puts it all together in these amazing videos. Three words that describe my style are: feminine, edgy, and chic.

 What is your creative process like for your music videos?

TB: I feel like I am being constantly inspired, whether it’s a really cool song or something I’ve watched, I’ve gotten inspiration for my music videos from a ton of different ways. With the Gangsta by Kehlani video, I was such a huge fan of the song and I wanted to have a video with choreography where I felt as powerful as I felt when I listened to the song. We filmed in this incredible industrial warehouse and even tested setting the floor on fire!

How has your dance background influenced your online video career?

TB: Dance has been my creative outlet for most of my life and has been super helpful in terms of what I post and am seen in online. I love taking classes with my friends and highlighting what we each bring to the choreography. Also, seeing the class videos online helped me realize that there was an audience with a huge appetite for dance videos. My favorite part of these dance videos is that you can genuinely watch them a million times and you notice something new every time.

As someone who is active across social media, where do you see the industry heading in the next five years?

TB: I think audiences will keep watching the creators that continue to make innovative and honest content and I’m really excited to see another new generation of creators begin to come up. Some of the most memorable parts of this year for me were meeting all of these creators that I admired and have watched forever and it’s exciting to think that there are more creators who are just getting started that will hopefully be in my position soon.

What’s next for your channel? Any fun plans?

TB: A LOT more dance videos and I’m traveling a lot in the upcoming year so maybe some travel vlogs!