Artificial Intelligence and the Grammy Awards: Clarification on Eligibility Rules

Recording Academy CEO, Harvey Mason Jr., has attempted to clarify the rules surrounding the eligibility of artificial intelligence (AI) works for Grammy Awards. This comes weeks after the Grammys announced certain restrictions on AI works being considered for awards. In this article, we will delve into the AI guidelines set by the Recording Academy and the implications for AI-generated music in the Grammy Awards.

Indie Music makes a huge come back in 2022

Indie Music has had an exciting year birthing the beginning of a new decade of rising stars. Indie music is enjoying a resurgence right now according to information shared by Indie labels on artist album sales.The mystic appeal of independently-released albums that have gone on to become classics sees them now finding fresh audiences. Indie music is a driving force of the music industry and a big part of the future of music.

Ellen DeGeneres’s tWitch Gets His Own YouTube Series

Called tWitch, Please…Help Me Dance, the series debuted today on DeGeneres’s YouTube channel and Ellentube. In the show, Boss teaches guests how to dance, starting with a high school senior in California who dreams of dancing next to Boss at his prom.

YouTube star Eva Gutowski Launches a Global Brand Adventure

YouTube star Eva Gutowski ( aka MyLifeAsEva ) has just released a clothing line to match her adventurous lifestyle. Gutowski has launched “It’s All Wild”, a clothing line and fashion destination that, in the words of a press release, is “designed for the chic and adventurous girl-on-the-go.”

CHILDISH GAMBINO Shakes Up American Protest with Music

The theme is the impossible escape of violence interwoven with playful yet soul moving moments that he terminates with cold assassination. The four minutes of gripping tales offers each viewer a filtered lense into the current and tragic state of our time.

Youtube Digital-Native Creators Dreams hitting Millions

Big Dreams make you who you are!!!  Here Are All The Current TV Shows That Feature Digital-Native Creators
For those who make names for themselves in the world of online video, crossing into the world of TV is a risky yet enticing proposition. Many YouTubers, web series creators, and other digital standouts have attempted to leverage their outsized personalities as they cross into the traditional media world, though few of the resulting shows have stuck around for more than a season or two.