Indie Music makes a huge come back in 2022

Indie Music has had an exciting year birthing the beginning of a new decade of rising stars. Indie music is enjoying a resurgence right now according to information shared by Indie labels on artist album sales.The mystic appeal of independently-released albums that have gone on to become classics sees them now finding fresh audiences. Indie music is a driving force of the music industry and a big part of the future of music.

Greg Hoy on Being a Touring musician and parent

Greg Hoy talks about being a new Father in the music business and how that comes with a new level of challenges. Diagnosed with adult ADHD in his 30’s made his success at keeping a balance the result of ruthless prioritization.

Songwriter Iain Mundy on The Tide and Shadows

Shadow has a deeper meaning which I hope a lot of listeners can relate to. Like many of my songs, it focuses on dreams and ambitions, but it’s about the hidden things which can hold you back that can’t be seen from the onlooker.

Edina Balint Her New Release Seaside Boulevard

This track is about the highs and lows of everyday life and how in the midst of conflict and uncertainty, there is always a silver lining. I wrote this song because I wanted to maintain a positive outlook through all my experiences despite increasing demands and stress.