The journey to recovery after a stroke isn’t just a challenge, it’s a down right daily battle of which there is no escape.

Needless to say receiving from my stroke was a tough and trying time for me. My family was inconvenienced and they of course struggled with anger and sadness.

Take heart, the right mindset helps a great deal in this. I was able to heal! Slowly and I mean slowly over 5 years just to be able to walk again and talk in some way that anyone could understand me. In this post, I’ll share my experience and the steps I took towards my healing process. 

Recovering from Stroke Information

The Beginning

It all started with a sudden headache and loss of consciousness. I was rushed to the hospital, and after some tests, I was diagnosed with a stroke. It was devastating and has changed all of us permanently. Those who truly loved me stayed in for the fight while those who didn’t just faded away. Good bye!! 

Anyway it changed all of us in every way and every day. It still dictates everything and it has taken so many years just to get a routine down that works. 

That’s why I want to share with you some of the ways my daughter helped me to get this far. In fact, she is helping me put my words down now so that you can receive this information.

The Recovery Process 

For me it started at home.. 

My daughter took on my full time care and got me all the stuff I needed when we had no idea what that was.

Chairs that support my body so I could learn to rise. This chair was crucial to my healing because it supported my torso enough so I could sit up and not be lying on my side all day long. This seemed to help strengthen my muscles just enough to allow me to rise on my own and adjust myself. 

So far I haven’t found a chair that did this much for me.

Comfy Support Chair for Stroke Victims


After my diagnosis, I was introduced to physiotherapy. This is a form of therapy that helped me to regain my strength and mobility. I had different exercises that targeted different parts of my body, and, with time, I started to see some improvement but only after alot of pain. Still to this day there is pain when I do the therapy exercises. No pain no gain I guess. 

Youtube is filled with videos as well that helped us to do better. 

Hand exercises for Stroke Recovery

Shoulder Recover Exercises

Get the arm moving

How to use the arm after a stroke

How to walk better after a stroke:

I was also introduced to occupational therapy, which helped me to get back to doing the daily activities I enjoyed. I had to learn how to do things in a different way, but with time, I was able to adapt and get back to my normal routine. 

Diet & Nutrition 

As I was going through physiotherapy, I also had to maintain a healthy diet and nutrition plan. At first I couldn’t eat and had to have everything in a pudding consistency. I will never forget the term heavy water. 

We used water thickener for drinks and food and did tons of protein shakes. 

Water thickener for drinks and food

It took me about 1 year before I could eat more solid food. 

I started eating more fruits and vegetables in small bits. Still lots of shake versions or pudding versions. I also drank plenty of water to keep my body hydrated with different amounts of the thickener. 

As I was eating very little I lost alot of weight for protein shakes were really important. We also made drinks with a base of cabbage juice for healing adding in store bought vitamin drinks or fresh berries what ever was in season. 

Over all, every meal was a battle to swallow so everything needed to have a purpose nutritionally. 

Support System 

Having a support system is essential in the healing process. My daughter was always there for me, encouraging me, and pushing me to do better. Her support gave me the strength to keep going, and I am forever grateful for her. We are best friends and she continues to be in this fight with me. 

Groups on facebook that help:

Stroke victim Support Group

Caregiver Support group

I want to encourage you to stay in the fight to get better. Even when I bought I wasn’t going to get better, something would improve. Just little things but as each year turned those little things became bigger things. 

The healing process after a stroke is very hard, but it IS possible! Physiotherapy, diet & nutrition, occupational therapy, and a support system are essential in the healing process. With the right mindset and determination, you can overcome the challenges that come with recovering from a stroke.

I hope this helps.

Julie Phillips – Survivor