Qraze aka Raze is helping those in dark places find light

 I love coming up with wordplay, telling stories and creating. Having the power to create shouldn’t be taken lightly and I hope to shift the perspective in the world. If I can help those in dark places find light and those under a rock find the strength to come out and live.

Matia Writing The Road You Have Traveled

I realized I could have never written the songs that I am writing now if I had not traveled the road that had been laid out for me. I am grateful for everything I have been through, all of those experiences, and for being here right now.

California Band MUK Comes Back After a Long Break

Promising not to disappoint any of their older fans or new ones to come, The California Indie band Muk has come back after years of lying low. The band is dividing up the work and starting to conquer the challenges once again with a more powerful and dynamic energy.