Songwriter Iain Mundy on The Tide and Shadows

Shadow has a deeper meaning which I hope a lot of listeners can relate to. Like many of my songs, it focuses on dreams and ambitions, but it’s about the hidden things which can hold you back that can’t be seen from the onlooker.

Chris Wright Creating “Life Music”

Anything can inspire me to write a song . Sometimes, a simple conversation can bring about some great music, and that music can draw people in. I call the music I create “Life Music” because it involves every aspect of my life.

Sharon West For the Love of Songwriting

I always wanted to sing professionally but unsupportive relationships in my late teens meant that I lost a lot of confidence in my musical ability and shelved my singing dreams for a while. When I was 21, I was asked to audition for a band after a band member heard me singing karaoke on a night out. I got the job and went on to work with a number of bands on the cabaret circuit and then moved onto working with original bands in more recent years.

After the Storm La Obra De Marte And The ‘Cycles’ They Have Been Through

Now with the mix of our newer generation musicians they three have brought up a fresh vision with their own set of influences. Not only musical influences, but also their way of thinking and seeing life as a whole. You can’t imagine how these differences enrich us as an indie band, seeing our ideas in a wider spectrum from each of our members perspective, and then consolidating them as a whole.