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Stay away from the bricks of infatuation

Millennials are tired of real estate. It’s literally the last thing in the world we want to own. It requires a great big deposit to get the loan, and a lifetime of debt that keeps us awake at night.

The digital nomad movement has nothing to do with selfies on the beach. Digital nomads are quietly protesting against stupidly high real estate. So they travel around the world to the cheap places my parent’s generation hasn’t been able to hype up and cause people to over-invest in. Makes sense.

By @Tim_Denning

4 painfully obvious signs that point to Bitcoin’s long-term demise

Despite the most recent crash on September 7, which saw Bitcoin shed 10% of it’s total value, a variety of underlying metrics point to strong short-term consolidation of Bitcoin holdings over the coming weeks.

However, if we zoom out of technical charting and assess the real-world, macro-economic factors that affect Bitcoin, we can see that it is ultimately on a warpath to new lows, most likely in the next 6–9 months.

By @tmitchelhill


How my life has changed from 3 months of meditating daily

Three months ago, I committed to meditating every single day for at least 10 minutes each session. I always think about the other “more productive” things I could be doing in these 10 minutes, rather than sitting down and doing nothing, making no progress on my goals.

However, after about the first minute or so of my practice, I really start to enjoy it. I never knew that doing nothing could be so enjoyable. I enjoy the feeling of my breath. I enjoy the rest my mind is getting. I enjoy listening to the birds outside.

By @ARichmond94

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‘Restless Soul’ is a true to the heart single from the New Album ‘Vancouver’ by Jules Schroeder. The album  is a Journey in Finding Your Purpose.

The New Album Vancouver by Jules Schroeder is a Journey in Finding Your Purpose

A blend of soul, roots, and folk combining horns, strings, and various other sounds,  Vancouver features over 22 different artists. (click here)

Artist: The Song Tailors

New Release: Waiting for Abbey Road

Genre: Indie pop, folk pop, songwriter

Sounds like: :  Taylor Swift folk pop sound, a touch of The Beatles influence in the instrumentation

The Song Tailors ‘Waiting for Abbey Road’ is a reflection on this time in our history . (click here)

Artist: Marc Killian

New Release: Think It Over

Genre: Pop Rock

Think It Over by Marc Killian is a Summer pop rock ballad that tests boundaries (click here)

Artist: Njordlyd

New Release: Subconsciously

Genre: Electronic / Sub-genre: Ambient; Downtempo: Soundscapes: Drone; Meditating; Chill Out; Experimental

I believe music is a matter of taste and preference. Therefore, it is up to the listeners themselves to interpret the track to see if they experience the same or something entirely different. All is possible, and to me, there is no right or wrong when listening to music.

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