Manage your creative work-life balance in just one month.

Helpful work-life balance tips.

7 Ways for Better Work-Life Balance

Having an excellent work-life balance routine is essential to your mental health and success. You can’t gain momentum if you don’t have time to be productive. (original post)

Family time:

Set aside time for your family so you can be present and focused when they need you most. Try to see the your family is most around you and what they need at those times, then schedule them in. You won’t always be able to satisfy everyone. This list is a great place to start that targets your scheduling conflicts.

Self care:

Make sure you have plenty of time for yourself outside of pursuing your side hustle. I take a long walk with my dogs every morning before I start my day. It clears my head and gives me space. When I’m focused on my dogs, I can’t think about work. The walks provide me with a mental break. It’s no stress time that allows me to feel fresh and rejuvenated. I have also used this when I need a break after sessions of extreme focus. Exercise is my key to sanity.


They are my nemesis cause easily I could do them daily. If I ran errands each day I would burn 2–3 hours from my day that is needed for work and family. Instead, I prioritize and employ help on the things i can, then leave the others for one day or two days that I can bang out in blocks of time.

Set boundaries:

Once you have established a schedule and routine that works for you and no longer needs major adjustments, be honest and transparent with anyone asking for you to divert from your routine. There will always be exceptions but when you get everyone involved in your pursuit of a goal, it becomes a team effort. Having a team on your side to help you move towards a goal together is way better than a free for all.

Stay organized:

Make lists of things you need to get done and set timers to remind you to stay on track. I have an apple watch that shoots a message to my earphones. It’s so helpful in staying focused.

Celebrate your success.

Finding balance in your daily routine so you can feel accomplished isn’t easy especially when you have a family to care for. Be easy on yourself and remember that some days will be easier than others. Celebrate your wins no matter how small and mark them down where you can see what you have accomplished each day.

Setting a good system in place will help you have time for everything so you feel calm and satisfied that you’re moving in a forward direction on your personal goals while still staying focused and engaged on your family life.