Japanese Artist Shihori Finds Her Way in New York City

When I moved to New York City from Japan, I found everything much more difficult in comparison to my home country. The population is much bigger and everything goes very quickly so it’s much more difficult to settle.  It’s like a rolling stone, I need too much more energy to keep on catching the moment.

Knoxx Taking the Time to Discover Your Why

Taking the time to discover my ‘why’ was one of the most important things I have ever done. Determining your “WHY” and understanding how that plays out in your daily narrative. We also talked about the growth of the music industry and how each artist can play into this dialogue. Music can bring together people and cross boundaries.  How a storyteller attempts to shed the light on racial profiling and how we educating our youth.

CHILDISH GAMBINO Shakes Up American Protest with Music

The theme is the impossible escape of violence interwoven with playful yet soul moving moments that he terminates with cold assassination. The four minutes of gripping tales offers each viewer a filtered lense into the current and tragic state of our time.