What if your art went viral, people started ordering like crazy and you became a full time artist online?

That’s what happened to Amanda Oleander. She came up on a little app called periscope when it first started live streaming her process day after day.

The people that watched enjoyed the music she played and found an engaged community of artists and art lovers in her comments. As one of those dedicated watchers, I remember checking in regularly every night as a place to chill and watch art being made. It was inspiring and felt like you were a little less alone while you created art yourself or maybe finished off some work for the day.

People shared and she grew. A marketing company signed Amanda pretty early on in her journey which brought her magazine articles and feature stories. But in all that she did, that live stream never stopped. She was forever faithful to her audience as a result her art is being purchased at an alarming rate every month as she continues to grow on a new platform.

Instagram is her app of choice these days and it’s surely worked out well for this young budding talent.

Take a look at her Ted talk and  get inspired. It’s a great story.