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Allure, Bon Appétit and Vogue lead Adweek’s list of honorees
From print to TV and merchandising, Adweek’s Brand Visionary is synonymous with domestic arts. On a recent fall morning, Martha Stewart’s New York offices look quintessentially like, well, Martha Stewart. Ensconced in Manhattan’s historic Starrett-Lehigh Building, a former freight terminal with soaring ceilings and eight miles of towering glass windows, the sun-drenched headquarters of the doyenne of domestic arts are as attractive and meticulous as one would expect. Rows…
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7 Steps to a bulletproff life with Chris Lee

7 Steps to a Bulletproof Life with Chris Lee

Cancer drugs for heart disease? This could be a game changer!
The new research, funded by the British Heart Foundation, suggests drugs which are already in clinical trials for the treatment of cancers could be repurposed to prevent atherosclerosis the build-up of fatty plaques which can lead to heart attack and stroke. Scientists from the University of Sheffields Department of Infection, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease found the twists, turns and branches in our arteries create complex flow patterns that increase the risk of atherosclerosis – a hardening of blood vessels due to fatty plaques. Read More>>



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