Sierra Schultzzie’s Confidence Makeover- my new mini series! This fashion makeover and style transformation focuses on overcoming body image struggles and how to dress to your personal style! Today, Emily learns how to dress her curvy body after weight gain and be confident in her curvy figure.

When Sierra Schultzzie first started her YouTube channel in 2014, her plan was to “try a little bit of everything” in the process of figuring out what kind of content worked best for her and her brand-new audience. Fast-forward five years, and while Schultzzie has sharpened her content strategy, zeroing in on making videos about body positivity and fashion, “try a little bit of everything” is still the core theme of her content.

Schultzzie’s channel is a constant whirlwind of new adventures. In the last month alone, she has: let fellow YouTuber Molly Burke choose her outfits; tried cheap versus expensive Halloween costumes; brutally honestly reviewed the Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star merch collection; lived like Gossip Girl for a day; followed a 5-Minute Crafts tutorial to “become an Instagram star”; took a deep dive into the photos she was self-conscious about posting online; and tried one-size-fits-all (supposedly) clothes from Amazon. And, just this afternoon, she uploaded a forthright discussion about her experiences with weight gain, weight loss, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and trying to get pregnant.

The above grab bag of videos is a perfect encapsulation of Schultzzie’s channel, where her content may leap from topic to topic, but it’s all knitted together by Schultzzie’s good humor and willingness to tackle subjects many people find it tough to talk about.

For Schultzzie, constantly trying new things is all about growth. It’s grown her platform, of course, but even more crucially, it’s helped her grow as a person, and grow into a full-time creator. Her channel recently grew past the one million subscriber mark, and to celebrate this accomplishment, Schultzzie stopped in to tell us about her YouTube origins, how she connected with her audience, and what adventures she’s jumping into next.