As YouTube prepares for the launch of its new music service, the video platform is gearing up for its “biggest marketing spend…to date.”

That’s according to what T. Jay Fowler, a YouTube Music product director, told Bloomberg News. Though Fowler wouldn’t say how much the company is spending, it’s enough to pay for lip service from hip-hop artist Cardi B and procure TV advertisements.

Sources close to YouTube, who wished to remain anonymous, told Bloomberg News about the video platform’s YouTube Music advertising plans. The television advertisements are set to run alongside live sporting events, a tactic YouTube already used to promote its OTT television service, YouTube TV.

YouTube announced its plans for an updated Music service earlier this week, along with its revamping of YouTube Red. YouTube Red will now be known as YouTube Premium, and it will cost $12 per month instead of the former $10. The increase in cost is tied to YouTube Music, access to which will be included in YouTube Premium subscriptions. For concerned YouTube Red users, and others who are just plain confused about the reshuffling of YouTube’s services, the company answered some frequently asked questions on Twitter.

Meanwhile, YouTube Music will include smart recommendations and the ability to search for songs by their lyrics. It will also tie into Google Play Music (which is run by the same team that heads YouTube Music). Google Play Music subscribers will get a free subscription to YouTube Music Premium, the ad-free version of YouTube Music. Without a Google Play Music subscription, YouTube’s premium music service will go for $9.99 when it debuts on May 22.

YouTube Music is set to compete with established ad-supported and subscription music services like Spotify and Apple Music. Both cost the same monthly as YouTube Music Premium but also offer family plans that accommodate up to five people for $14.99 per month.

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