A little over two years ago, Coco Scott turned in her career at Porsche for a home recording studio on a secluded beach where she began her own music career from scratch.

Over the span of 8 months she wrote, arranged, produced, recorded, and published each of her own demos for her first album. She also taught herself to play the piano while she was doing it! There isn’t anything she can’t do if she puts her mind to it.

Smolder, Coco’s debut album, was recorded to analog tape and DSD256 by 5-time Grammy nominee and Blue Coast Records founder and producer, Cookie Marenco in San Francisco. The album was named the #5 Top Selling Album in 2017 at Blue Coast Music after only three months of sales. Not only that, but Andreas Koch from Playback Designs used her album to demonstrate his new DREAM DAC line at the 2018 Axpona audio show in Chicago and the High End Audio Show in Munich.

Coco recently signed a recording and publishing deal with Chicago-based producer Aaron Morales, and pre-production for her second album is underway. According to Aaron this is a ‘must hear’ album and is expected to be released in short order.


Having more time dedicated to making music…
Before quitting my corporate career I was working over 65 hours every week and often 80, so finding time for anything music related was nearly impossible. I needed to make a dramatic change if I was going to succeed at it.
How it’s made a difference in my career…
This shift has made all the difference in the world. My music career as exactly that—a career—but it’s more than that to me. It’s my dream, and I’m honored to be able to live it every day. I dedicate just as many hours each week to my music as I did my corporate career because I see value in doing so, in giving everything I have to it.
Most important roles…
I am a solo musician living in a remote area so I’ve learned every role—writing, arranging, composing, recording, producing, mixing, publishing, marketing, accounting—on my own. With all that knowledge, I think two of the most important roles are that of musician and business owner. Understanding the interplay between these two facets of the industry is invaluable.
Favorite part of this career path…
It’s a bit of a catch 22 for me because while it can be frustrating to have to do everything on my own, it’s also what has made me strong as an artist and woman. I love the freedom that working solo affords me even if it takes a little longer in doing so. Having said that, I feel I am ready for next level learning and am looking forward to doing so after my second album is ready to go, and this will likely involve participating in a master class or private coaching of some sort.
Crossing social media hurdles…
I knew I didn’t want to post photos or videos that were dark and uninviting. So I set out to create my own vibe that would make fans and friends feel welcome, appreciated, and engaged. It evolved as I went along, but it has turned into a brand lifestyle that reflects me as a woman first and musician second. Now that I have found my groove, the key is for me to stay focused on making music and building a legacy that I’m proud of and can stand behind for years to come.
Coco’s music is available on iTunes, CD Baby, Blue Coast Music, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Google Play, Apple Music, and more!

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