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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW D-LAW
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio


Interviewing: Damien Lawrence
Song name: Jordans & A Gold Chain
Music Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap

Jordans and a Gold Chain at first listen is about the quest for material wealth but after further analyzing the listener learns that its actually a little deeper than that. Its about believing in your dreams and pursuing what you set out to achieve even when others around you doubted you. It touches on finally obtaining that goal and taking time to celebrate your accomplishment.

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Jordans and a Gold Chain is a single off of the mixtape by the same name….
This project features 9 tracks and is Hosted by DJ Komplex with guest appearances by 3 other artists; Prince Tarwo, Xander Johnson, & King Richie. JGC was a written almost entirely in my car as I commuted from Baltimore to Northern Virginia over the course of a year, December 2015 – August 2016 and released in October 2016. This album marked the first project; aside from 2 songs that I recorded at home on my laptop. Previously all my projects were either recorded in a commercial studio or on my Korg D1600 a digital multi-track recorder. So JGC was a learning experience for me. With this mixtape I sought to reintroduce the world to D-Law and perhaps garner a broader fan base as well as talk about some of my life experiences, goals, hardships, and achievements.

Baltimore, Maryland…
Music is big here in general and hip-hop specifically has a small but growing underground community. We have local venues like the Baltimore Soundstage and the radio station 92Q does a decent job at supporting local acts. Being that Baltimore is apart of the broader DMV area we also receive radio and can access venues in the Washington, DC/Northern VA area. The internet and social media makes it easier to share, promote, and network your music but I feel that it made the local scene suffer in the sense that I don’t think people actively seek out people in their own community, because every one is looking broader trying to be national or international. Which is cool, its just my observation.

Music business…
I think the music business is in a state of disarray. The business is going through major changes and to succeed if your are not already a big name artists it seems like you have to have a gimmick or be sensational in some way in order to grasp attention and get the light on you. Social Media has turned the music business into a drama and the lack of record sales has made labels more desperate to get revenue so I think they seek out artists who already have massive followings on social media in hope that it will translate into streams or downloads. It makes me feel that I should put less effort into making quality music and focus on social media antics.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
I can’t think of anyone who inspires me at the moment. I use to have heroes I looked up to. Not anymore. Maybe because I’ve seen so many fall from grace. I’ve seen successful men obtain their fortune in ways that hurt a lot of people along the way, I don’t know who to look to.


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