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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW DAVID BUCCI
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

New album…
Well, I’ll use a phrase that I’d heard recently in a message sent to me on social media, describing my music as Country Soul with Rock I do like that phrase, especially for the upcoming album’s direction, but really, I enjoy music and songs, regardless of genres, that have singable choruses; clever hooks and great storytelling along with really good performances within them. Overall, complete packages themselves.. So yeah, I try my best to incorporate those things into the music and hopefully you’ll hear it in the songs from my first album Silverstrand and the upcoming album Country Club featuring Right Where I Belong.

The coastal parts of Ventura County in Southern California…
The music scene is doing all right here.. With Los Angeles and Santa Barbara and several other areas along the coast, there’s a lot of great music being played and performed (original bands, cover bands, dj’s, acoustic singer/songwriter acts, et…) It’s plentiful.

Music business…
The music business really has a lot of opportunity within it, especially with the advancement of the internet and more specifically, social media. I think, if you can find your fan base and continue to grow, interact and develop it along with your music and keep a constant finger on the pulse of what’s current, which are all things I’m currently working on improving. I’ve had the Hollywood music biz tough love experiences and some really great experiences and successes; collaborating,, touring as a tech, performing, also as a recording artist too. So, I’d say a consistently good work ethic and a good attitude; be willing to put the work and time in and make good music; I do believe you can have sustained success in it. I’m excited for the opportunity.



Song name: Right Where I Belong

Music Genre/ category : Pop/Country/Rock
The song was written around election time in The United States, which, wasn’t a pretty picture with the political climate in our country. I felt moved and was inspired with the idea that regardless of what’s going on beyond our control right now, we don’t have to buy into it or let it affect us so negatively. I’d like to describe the song as uplifting as it focuses on being grateful in the moment and everyday is a blessing and to enjoy life. The hook of the song came to me while playing around on my acoustic guitar. Some of the references used in the song are things like the ocean and boating, things I enjoy being around. Hopefully, the message of the song comes across, uplifts and puts a smile on peoples’ faces when listening to it.


(Silverstrand Album)


I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Several people, but at the moment, probably Keith Urban, whose work I really like. With the direction I’m taking in the music, I believe he could greatly aid me on the path. He’s versatile as a singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, performer, entertainer, etc. He does a lot for the community along with charitable work and organizations, which all interest me. I’d like to pick his brain and see how to narrow down the best and most effective practices, preparation and strategies he uses for sustained success in the industry.

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