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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

The Music…
What makes my music special is that it involves different flows so the listener is never on the same vibe throughout a song just like a roller coaster with its up and downs and twist and turns. My songs have a positive uplifting vibe, empowering for the listener, and I mention life experiences that could inspire or give life lessons to learn from. I appreciate good music so I don’t retain myself to just one genre; instead I listen to any genre that sounds good to my ear. I also listen to music in different languages so through my experiences the music I make has the same vibe and might include some lyrics in different languages. For this upcoming project most of the songs were recorded when I was in a wavey state of mind so I think the listener should be on a wavey or turnt up state of mind for them to have the best experience throughout the record as well. What makes my music special is that through it you can feel the passion and devotion that I have to fulfill my dream and I hope that it may inspire others.

I’m currently in Coventry, the music scene is more urban here and there’s often up-coming artists who give live performances at some of the clubs. One of the most known events in Coventry is Déjà vu at The Empire.

Music business..
One of the pros of the music business is that once you’re in, lots of doors of opportunity unlock and through music you start having less boundaries and discovering new fields you could get into. Meeting amazing multi-talented people, traveling around the world and having bigger platforms to reach your fans is another pro. The cons I’ve experienced is that not all the advice given to you could be the best for you, instead it could benefit that person situation. There is lots of jealousy and people that want to claim your success and what you’ve done for yourself. You can’t rely on everybody cause relying on the wrong person can sometimes delay your come up and so you need to spot the fake people trying to get in your circle.


Geoffrey Johny x Abstract City – Outta Here ft. (Folzy)
The song was originally going to be named “Fallacy”. Abstract City already had the chorus for the song; It was going to address how friends, family members or people in general could be misleading; not always giving you the right advice for your benefit but instead for their own gain and sabotaging your dreams for theirs to come true (sometimes not intentionally). After I came up with the second verse, the lyrics in it sparked another way to address the same situation but also be relatable to anyone listening. Afterwards the title “Outta Here” came along and Folzy was able to come up with a new chorus to match the title. The song is about flying out of here. It’s about flying from your current situation to where you really want to be by following your vision and your dreams. It’s about not letting “fake friends”, enemies of progress, small minded people or people that don’t see your vision, hold you back from pursuing it and reaching your true potential.


Surround yourself with only the real people who can truly see your visions and believe in you and your dreams.



Coming up…
I’m currently working on an EP where every song addresses a different situation in my life. The songs are about what I’ve been going through since starting this project. I was in a bad place when I started this project, I was going through the most with drama; realizing fake friends, dealing with ex issues, university stress and difficulties with my independent record label. The only thing keeping me from not losing myself was the strive to make my vision/dream come true and not letting anyone or any situation stop it. Through that, I was able to find the inspiration and motivation to finish the project. The EP is called “Too Lit To Give 2 Sh*ts”, each song in it has a strong message of self-awareness, empowering yourself, real life lessons, visions and beliefs.


I would love to have 5 minutes alone with Kanye West, because I love the message he puts out within his work and I look up to him because of that. He has a million ways to prove his point, show his talent and how open minded he is. He always tries to use his art to open the eyes or ears of the listener or viewer or tries to uplift any discouraged or lost person. I can relate to most of the messages he puts out across all his platforms because I’m putting out and addressing some of the same situations he has and I aim to make it as big as him if not bigger.


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