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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

I’m  working on curating the content for my next album. A plan is already in the works for for the single releases and decisions are being made on how we intend to press out the media to y fans. I’m excited because this new album is like a life story line for me. It’s going to be a very exciting project. 

Inspired by…
There are soo many amazing artists that inspire me! But I think if I could pick anyone I would pick Johnny Cash to talk with for 5 minutes. He my favorite artist of all time. Everything from his artistry, to his swagger. There is just something about his humility and that he never really acted like he was anything more than he was, just a regular man. I would love to pick his brain and see what music really is to him.

Music Industry…
Being that I am very new to the music business, I have yet to experience a lot. I can tell you this from a beginning rappers/hip-hop artist stand point, it is extremely hard to establish legitimacy. The hip-hop game is over saturated, and that’s brutally honest. There are so many people who will create a song over a free beat with a poor mic, and try to “blow up”. I think people are annoyed with those kind of rappers and quit listening to anyone new who says the make music. With that being said, it’s hard for the certain artists who do this because they love to create good music, and are actually committed to the craft to prove they are different. There is one huge lesson I learned as I have been working over this year, and it simply is that respectful art will always come first. If the music is great, the rest will come and every day I remind myself that.


Ride With Me…
Featuring Maizey Parker ‘Ride With Me’ is a track all about taking a road trip with my friends. Actually, the inspiration is kind of funny story. Earlier this year, I got a call from my buddy to take a spontaneous road trip to North Carolina from Wisconsin. So we left on a Sunday night, and traveled across the states to go to Eastern Carolina University to see some friends. We came back home that week on Wednesday and made some stops at places like Washington D.C at 2am to visit the monuments in the pouring rain. This was the my first ever professional done track with Jamison from Sheboygan Recording Studio. He was the one that hooked me up with Maizey, and she did an amazing job with the chorus. I am very blessed to have those two helping me with music.

The Album…
I have been working hard at an album since this October, but decided I don’t have enough buzz to just release an album out of the blue. So, I really locked in and created as many songs as I could from October to now and decided to pick my best 8. I will be releasing these 8 tracks as a compilation of singles throughout this summer. This compilation is meant to tell the story of my journey as an artist, and really is about my everyday struggles I have been through this year.

The reason these next 8 tracks are so special to me is because this is my first legitimate attempt at my music career. I have been making music for years, but it was just me, my computer, and a “rockband” mic I bought at GoodWill! So if you ever heard a song from me before these 8 it was completely amateur, but now I am creating professional music and I am very excited to share it with the world.

I am from Wisconsin…
born and raised and I am so very proud of that! I am originally from Marshfield, Wisconsin which is in the middle of the state. Recently, I have been living in Sheboygan, Wisconsin close Milwaukee. I lived there for 2 and half years while I went to school. Although, I did just moved to Green Lake, Wisconsin. Green Lake is an extremely small, summer get away town that really isn’t close to any big cities in Wisconsin.

Even though I love Wisconsin and always will, the hip-hop music scene is not the greatest. This state is more known for country, and folk music being performed. Don’t get me wrong, I love all kinds of music including country and folk music but it can be tough for a young hip-hop artist to book a show!

The main place to go and catch a great show is in Milwaukee at the Rave. But across the state in the summer time you can stop at festivals or fairs and witness great country/folk and sometimes rock performers! And that is always so much to stop and listen to!


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