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Episode #414: A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax :

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW NEX CHAPTA
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

John G – Lead Singer
Jackii G – Singer
Kwami Morrison – Guitarist
Official Band Name – Nex Chapta

I’m collaborating with new up in coming studios and talented musicians in Trinidad to create something very special. The focus is on creating music that speaks to and for the people. We address the concerns and fear of today in order to reflect a light on the reality of circumstances in our country and also in the united States. Things that re happening in both places effect all of us and can’t be ignored. We hope to use our music to start that conversation and hopefully bring awareness and a remedy to the communities effected.

Good Morning Rasta…
“Good Morning Rasta” is the first ever release from Nex Chapta and is a Reggae social commentary on the difficult times that the world faces today. The song highlights the negativity pervading society while delivering a hopeful message. The track features vocals, drums and bass guitar reminiscent of roots reggae but injects different elements of soul through the other instruments featured. The song’s lyrics are simple and honest and are meant to appeal to the listener’s honest desires for a better world. John G used this song to put into words the widespread social unease in the band’s home country of Trinidad and Tobago caused by increasing crime levels and public dissatisfaction with the political leadership. Nex Chapta’s mission is to promote a message of love, awareness and positivity through musical expression. “Good Morning Rasta” is dedicated to the lives lost to senseless killings and perpetuated hatred. Spread love and peace instead.

CD Baby:

Nex Chapta is currently working on…
our new album tentatively titled “Verse One”. Good Morning Rasta will be featured on the album and we have three other songs recorded right now. We perform acoustic versions of the songs off our upcoming album at our gigs. Our next single release, coming in April, will be our song “Feel Good”. We are very excited to spread the good vibes in that track and feel like it will be a hit with everybody that listens to it. Lots of current mainstream music is filled with violence, materialism, sexism, indifference, gluttony and negative vibrations. In keeping with our mission, Nex Chapta is excited to return good vibrations to music and our first album of music is like a tapestry filled with different pictures and perspectives of positive thinking. This album will be our statement. It will show the world just who Nex Chapta is and what we do and the experience of producing it is an exhilarating moment that we are very thankful for. If you like to listen to feel good and conscious music then Nex Chapta is your band.

Music Video (YouTube):

We are all proud to live in the lovely twin island country of Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad and Tobago is world-famous for its calypso and soca, but there’s also a thriving underground music scene centered on small bars and pubs. Also, bands like Jointpop, Five Miles to Midnight and Orange Sky blend the rhythms of rock and roll with Calypso and Reggae, creating a unique sound. Checking out the Trinidad and Tobago music scene is a must when visiting the island.
Island life is great and when the sun is shining, which is most of the time, you may want to check these out:

– Carnival is the event that many visitors come to Trinidad and Tobago for — weeks of music and partying coming to a grand climax on Carnival Monday and Tuesday and the parade of the bands through the streets of Port of Spain. For many locals, the highlight of Carnival, the element of the festival with the deepest roots, is J’Ouvert (French creole for “day open”). In the dark pre-dawn hours on Carnival Monday morning, revelers cover themselves with mud, paint, grease, and dance through the city in a primal ritual. The country literally shuts down for Carnival Monday and Tuesday which is February
27 and 28 this year.

Birders’ favorites is the Asa Wright Nature Centre in Trinidad’s Northern Range; and the Caroni Bird Sanctuary at the Caroni Swamp.
The Nylon Pool set in Tobago’s Buccoo Reef got its name from its clear, calm water and is like a natural swimming pool half a mile out at sea. It’s a mandatory stop on the glass bottomed boat tours that leave from Pigeon Point.

During the annual nesting season from March to June, endangered leather back turtles emerge at night onto the beaches of both islands’ north and east coasts to dig deep holes and lay their eggs. A must see.
And so much more like the Pitch Lake, Temple in the Sea, Tobago Heritage Festival and traditional food like doubles (fried flour and curried channa with different sauces); pelau (rice, peas and different types of meat); roti (look it up…it’s good); and Creole and East Indian cuisine kept alive by the descendants of African slaves and East Indian indentured laborers.

One important thing…
that we’ve learned is that music and the music business are two entirely different things and too survive as a musician you have to understand that. Music is life and once you live your create. The music business is as unforgiving as any business and musicians may get
blinded by the fun of creating music at times and forget that creating and promoting a brand and cultivating a following is essential to earn a living from your creations. If you can find the balance between creating genuine and well produced content and a driven marketing campaign you can eat for years to come off of something you love. Another big lesson we learned is that traditional and mainstream radio play is not the be all and end all of gaining listeners. There is a great big worldwide indie seen and once you are focused on your mission and message as a musician and not on fast fame then there is a world of opportunities to be gained like this one we’ve gotten from AVA Live Radio and American Pride.

(John G) I would love to have 5 minutes alone with Stephen Marley and Sizzla. Stephen Marley, beside the fact that he is the son of the great Bob Marley and gained a wealth of knowledge from his father, he is a multi-talented individual and a genius producer and singer. I feel like I can draw all sorts of knowledge from him and grow exponentially as an artist. Sizzla because he is my favorite artist and the most versatile artist I’ve ever known. I am a real fanboy when it comes to Sizzla Kalonji.

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