Popichil’O is Bringing the Truth to Life through Music

Born and raised in Chicago, I am an artist in every sense of the word and have been my entire life. I am a rapper, songwriter, video director, producer, and actor, which has all provided me with an outlet at important times in my life. I began writing poetry at a young age which eventually progressed into writing actual songs to express myself creatively. It became a necessary outlet for me to understand and process certain thoughts and emotions I was feeling or going through at any given time in my life. The good, bad, and the ugly. It became therapeutic in a sense. Music allowed me to lose myself and find myself at the same time. I love music; it’s a passion of mine, and it inspires me every day. Music is how emotions sound, and you can hear it all around.

Song name: “Poor N’ Reign

Music Genre:: hip hop, rap

When I heard the track, it inspired me to talk about the current state of the world dealing with George Floyd, police brutality, the riots, and being on lockdown because of the virus and its effects.

Before George Floyd, most people didn’t pay enough attention to police brutality if it didn’t directly affect them. Perhaps the coronavirus slowed everyone down enough to see what was happening around us. With everyone standing so still, it gave us all a chance to take in the chaos and speak out about the reality of violence.

There’s power in song, and as a black man, I wanted to express my concern and pain through my eyes. Experience teaches us how to be genuinely empathetic to people’s pain and help them resolve it.

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I live in… 

Chicago and spend most of my time working, creating, and motivating. life is short, so every day has to fill fulfilling in some way unless I’m on vaca….lol “vacation.”

Who has been the most influential in your music and why? 

My Life has been and life in general. I create because it’s a passion of mine, and I was born with this gift, and if you have a gift, you are supposed to share it. I always want to bring the truth to light. My purpose is to share my gift in hopes that my words will inspire someone to change the world around them or inspire them to take a chance by believing in themselves and seeing you can do anything you put your mind to. Perhaps my songs will educate a listener who didn’t consider this perspective. I have many aspects to my music. I’m more of a thinker, but I still know how to party or touch on more intimate subjects and relationships; it’s all part of the gift.

When did you know that this was the right path for you?

When I couldn’t stop doing it and when I tried to stop, but something in life would pull me right back to it… it’s like a drug; it’s addictive. There’s no better high than making people feel you or opening their eyes to something they may not have realized.

What do you like most about what you do? 

I enjoy the process of creating and also sharing what I have created. Knowing for a fact that there is someone or some people out in the world that genuinely feel my music and actually get something from it. Inspiration or motivation. 

What do you most hope to accomplish with your influence? 

I hope to continue to inspire others and let them know that anything is possible. You have to believe in yourself first before you can expect anyone else to stay focused and have a direction even if you don’t have a plan yet and always remember actions speak louder than words (in the sense that making things happen will always let people know and see you mean what you say and say what you mean) that alone can inspire or motivate others.

What is the biggest obstacle you have faced in your career, and how did you overcome it? 

Well, I would like to get my music to a broader audience. So I can reach more people and get more listeners because I feel I have something to say in my music. and one way to overcome that is you have to invest in yourself, promotion, studio time, visuals, live performances, whatever it takes ….. so I understand that so I make it a point to do that and sometimes you might have to sacrifice.

What do you want people to remember most about you and your career?

 That I had a purpose, and I was able to define its meaning through my music and actions. 

What are you most looking forward to this next month? 

Continuing to promote my new song and video, “Poor N’ Reign”, directed by Fulvisual and Creating more music and investing more in my brand, and hopefully performing live again soon.

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