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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Music industry…
Music is my all-consuming passion, and to be able to create my own songs is incredibly satisfying. I am not a fan of packaged, plastic or fake pop stars or TV reality shows; I prefer live rock concerts and real emotion from songs that take you on a journey. The mainstream has never been my cup of tea, and I like artists who challenge society and rebel against the establishment. Sex Pistols, The Clash, Black Sabbath and Motorhead are my heroes, along with Hendrix and AC/DC.

Pro’s and Con’s?
Pro’s: Creating my art; Living my dream; Getting exposure; Getting positive feedback from my peers; Gaining new fans and associates

Con’s: Getting ripped off by industry parasites; lack of interest in rock music by teenagers; little or no acknowledgement of talented musicians coming through; illegal downloading; music industry scams; image being more important than musicality

I would have said Lemmy, Bon Scott or Jimi Hendrix but I’m not a medium lol, so I’d say Dave Grohl. His rock experience is amazing; I’d love to chat about Nirvana, Lemmy, aliens and all things rock n roll. I get inspired by Dave’s attitude and his genuine love of rock music. His drumming is awesome and his songs are always intelligent.



White Sugar…
(from the forthcoming album Return to Splendor)
This song is a juxtaposition of addiction and social commentary with a message of hope and redemption. Living in Australia, I’m constantly seeing people who are overweight or struggling with some form of dependency. I’m also interested in the history of sugar, and how it’s been adulterated from the pure version. I love a good conspiracy theory hehe ☺ I also included a reference to gossip and bullying, that came about from a friend’s experiences in the workplace, and how damaging it can be.

In terms of the recording, it marks the first time I’ve put together a song with completely organic ingredients: no computer software, no drum machines, just great musicians playing their instruments and me singing my lungs out. So I’m very proud of this baby ☺

My new album…
will be entitled Return to Splendor. It has a running theme of spiritual pathways and how the individual can truly shine by embodying the messages of humanity’s great teachers. It’s also a continuation of my fascination with indigenous religions and practices that I covered on my first album Get The Buzz.

Return to Splendor features amazing songs: great playing, awesome lyrics and a fascinating blend of darkness and light, and the dynamics will get everyone singing and dancing. There are some strong Marty Friedman and Jimi Hendrix guitar references and my drummer is from Brazil, needless to say the grooves really rock out. I think what sets Prince Charman apart from the pack is the punk element to the hard rock/metal sound. There is a real game-changing delivery in the songs that demands social change and the end to inequality.






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