I had a tough road growing up in Laborie but I never gave up. I did everything I could to stay in school and become the best me I could be. Writing music changed my life because it allows me to express my life. 


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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Interview with Rol Auguste

I want to start by saying that…
from where I first started off till now is nothing less than a miracle by god himself. I am from the Caribbean a string of islands in the lesser Antilles called the archipelago one of the small island measuring 238 square miles called st. Lucia. We have approximately 190 000 people. And there has not being one day i woke up from my bed with the anticipation of what horror will befall me this day. It stems way back from a child in a small community with no less more then {5} Five thousand people called Laborie. From a child I can remember being very sad all the time but in all my sadness i could not have shed one tear. I was raised in the northeast side of Laborie. I am the first of eight siblings my sister Chrisie died with a heart condition six months after birth I was nine years at the time. During the passage of time growing up i could not have thought of a more relaxing thing to do when the tides of life rage against me but to resort to an instrument and chant a song. The recorder was introduced to me from an early age so I use to play quite often. I grow up with my mother step father and my six siblings. At the age of thirteen years my step father throw me out of the house cause i was the only illegitimate child so i was forced to leave and go to an old wooden house measuring fifteen by twenty feet i never drop out of school i use to go to school hungry most of the times with the anticipation that i would get something whiles the day progresses. well! some times it never did. But i thank god any ways for the day. On summer vacations I would get a job to buy my books and save some money. So that motivated me to write. Not far from my school lived a musician who would teach me the guitar on the weekends. It came to pass that I started writing and singing, and trying to be the best that I can. It has being a tough road but with patience i believe god will make it better one day.


Be better

I was brought up in a bad place where love was scarce and the chance of hope was very slim, to void had gone through a bad patch in my life so all thoughts moments were harnessed over the passage of time to make me who I am today. Hence; it took also all thoughts grief and sad moments of my life i put it in the form of a song. “be better” and “so Afraid”.

My music is about Inspiration and hope…
Everyone can expect great things in my music because typically it is one of hope. And if there is hope there is a very good chance of peace and prosperity. I also  expect get signed by a record label.
It’s life changing… with application
Sometime we find ourselves in a depressive state where hope is lost but someone has to take the mantle to led the way and show the path. It’s like a light  in a dark place. When everyone has lost hope and you  have lost hope, we are now doom to failure or rather failure is imminent. That is when you raise above all odds and take that mantle.
I live at Odsan south east of the city of Castries. The music in my place is not fully recognized.  Not much places to venture with the music. the music  that is recognized in our country is soca and calypso.
Music Business…
The pros about my music is I am writing a great deal of music but I am not recognized. I am good at writing good music about life and about relationships, love hope.
I would love  to have five minutes with..
people who inspire me like the former President of the united states  Because he has also given me a form of hope. I was inspired because in a world of diversity like America unlike the remainder  of our continents It is very rare to find someone standing up so tall especially a black man. I believe he have made an  indelible contribution for the black race and the togetherness of the race blacks and and also the white race.


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