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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW RYAN BOYCE
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio


Band Name: Zak “Zed” Davis – stringed things
Mike Olesko – percussion


The Album…
Truth, grit and soul. #soundwithasoul
This EP is a culmination of some age old topics, thrown in the pot with some gritty sounds and lyrically driven beats. I think listeners can really sink into the simplicity of what I’m doing. It’s stripped down and frantic. Urgent almost. I’m trying to bring a sonically ferocious rhythm and beat, coupled with audible lyrics and stories that mean something and make sense, without over complicating the music. Ultimately, I try to keep it simple and create something that people can gravitate and relate to, and that is still pleasing to the ear.


I’m a native of, and I live in Utah. I have however, resided in several different states, from coast to coast, including your own Coral Gables, Florida. (That was interesting). Utah, in and of itself is a strange place. It’s beautiful and a wonderful place to raise children. The culture here though, tends to make for some interesting and challenging obstacles as far as music, art and entertainment are concerned. The obvious hang up starts with the state liquor laws and what has appeared to be a big push, in recent years, to govern lifestyle and personal choice. I’m quite sure it isn’t exclusive to this state, but it is compounded by the predominant religious culture here. For those reasons, the music scene locally is, dare I say, hampered?

Don’t get me wrong, there is a ton of talent from Utah. Imagine Dragons, Sturgill Simpson, and the up and coming prodigy, Sammy Brue, are just a few of the recent artists to make tracks and chase the bright lights of stardom. But the underlying commonality is that they couldn’t do it here. So in a nutshell, the music scene here is more like a novelty shop, wherein a lot of folks stop in to browse, but no one ever buys anything, if that makes sense.


Music business…
Honestly, I don’t have enough experience with the “business” per say, to make much of an honest assessment. I’m a college educated man and I am vigilant as hell. That said, I can’t imagine music to be any different from any other business market. It’s a dog eat dog world of selfishness out there. There are good things and bad things. The trick, as in most of this life, is to maintain a level head, keep your cool, and remember to have faith in yourself and trust your gut instinct. I guess I don’t like that big business has infiltrated virtually every facet of our lives, including music, art and entertainment. It’s to be expected though. A civilization that revolves around the 7 sins is pretty predictable. But hey, life is a game. Business is a game. If you don’t play, you can’t win. I don’t have all the answers. Hell, now I’m just rambling.



Song name: The Salt
Music Genre/ category : Americana/Folk Rock/Alt Country
The Salt is basically a self realization and awareness piece, that sums up where a lot of us stand in today’s world. It’s more or less a call to decompress, disconnect and reunite with the human spirit. I think a lot of us are so entrenched in the digital age of social media, that we often forget how to physically and emotionally connect on a human level, instead adopting arms length interaction. I just want people to know that it’s still alright to be imperfect and human.

I wrote/recorded the notes for the song from the cab of a Kenworth truck, which is where 90% of my material is born. I run the “graveyard gauntlet” as I like to call it, 5 or 6 nights a week, into the oilfield. It’s a 10 to 12 hour hitch, in 350 miles, so there’s plenty of time to massage and digest whatever’s on my mind. That’s ultimately where all of this was born. On the road, in the field, on the front lines.

Link: You can stream all of my stuff at
My first “official” EP, The Crucible, will be available on 6/22/17 via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and everywhere else. Pre order begins on 6/16/17.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Honestly, I’d love to have five minutes alone with my wife. No kids. No phones. No social media. No white noise. No nothing. Lol. She’s been behind me on this crazy pipe dream, from day one. In fact, she’s the person who challenged me to do this. It’s pretty safe to say, she’s the reason. For everything.

I’d love to just sit and listen to her think out loud. I’d love to get reacquainted with her. I know that’ll come later in life, but it sure feels like the world is bent on denying folks of that human bond and connection.

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