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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Sally Night, Singer & Songwriter, Performing & Recording artist

New York…
For the last 5 Years I have been living half the year in New York which I am sure everyone knows is an incredibly vibrant, inspiring but also very tough and highly competitive music scene. I have been blessed to perform and record with some of the worlds most highly regarded musicians here. New York has a close knit and vast artist community and network but it takes courage, time and a lot of effort to become a part of this. So its definitely not for the faint hearted! The other half of the year I am based in Europe which is less intense, performing mainly in France and England with local musicians, at events, hotels and festivals, travelling and composing new songs. In NY I like to go and listen to live music at Birdland, BB Kings, Dizzy’s, Smoke, JALC, Small’s , Fat Cat, The Standard & many other venues.

Music Business…
I feel the music business has changed dramatically in the last 10 years and sadly I don’t feel that many of today’s artists receive the support or guidance artists of the past received or the priveledge of being able to focus their time on their artistry of performing, recording and composing whilst industry professionals took care of the business and nurtured, developed and guided their careers. Artists today have to spread themselves too thinly and have a good working knowledge A-Z of the music industry as a whole : composing, recording, producing, performing, PR & promotion, social media, marketing & distribution, doing too many different jobs unfortunately takes time & focus away from the creative process.

I would love to have 5 minutes with…
Burt Bacharach as he is such a talented and amazing Songwriter & performer who has had such a long & successful career I am sure he could give me some great advice re Songwriter and also the music industry !

24Hr Lovin…
is a song I composed in a taxi on the way to an airport & I finished writing it on the airplane whilst touring in Europe . I was thinking about how many musicians must miss their loved ones while on the road for long periods of time.


NIGHT TIME » album :

New album “NIGHT TIME”…
This song is track number 11 from my new album “NIGHT TIME” a Blues Jazz album I recorded & Produce in New York for a Japanese record label called Venus Records. I recorded it with 3 wonderful Veteran Jazz Legends: Billy Hart- Drums, Buster Williams- Double Bass & Kirk Lightsey-Piano who despite their prolific recording & performing careers with many of the greatest names in jazz – Miles Davis, Dexter Gordon, Chet Baker, Blue Mitchell, Herbie Hancock, Stan Getz, Art Blakey, the Crusaders, and singers Shirley Horn and Nancy Wilson, have only once before recorded in this trio formation in 1980 with Sonny Fortune. It’s a really laid back & fun Blues album which features 2 of my original songs “Supa Doopa” Track 8 and “24hr Lovin” track 11 plus some well known songs from Ray Charles and other great composers…its been receiving 4 star reviews in Record Collector magazine & other media & radios stations .


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« NIGHT TIME » album : 2016

« Love For Sale » : 2014

« Cruisin » single 2014

« Ballads For You «  album : 2012

« I Love Being Here With You » EP : 2011

« Crazy Jigsaw Puzzle » EP : 2010

« Boom Goes My Heart » single : 2010

« London by Night » album : 2007

« Phases of Love » album : 2007