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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW SELLDRETTI
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Band Name:  SMG

Artist Name Interviewing: Selldretti
Person Interviewing: Walker Seldon

Band Members: Camo Don, B-Hernz, Sharheem, K’Lauren, DJ Kin, Jay4Real

My secret of success is staying positive and focus on enjoying your life. When I do that, success comes my way and things just work out. I have alot of drive and determination, it’s the challenges that push me through and give me that great story to tell.

My Mom lives through me and I use my music brand to bring light to living smart and being a good person. When I make my music, I focus on talking about strength and sincerity. I talk about the struggles that ordinary people go through every single day.


New Album…
My group and I have a new debut album called “The Move” set to release on major music platforms May 18th. This album will feature various sounds ranging from motivational songs, love songs, club songs, and songs that express a message. This album is significant to me and the group because this album is our very first project we worked on together as a group. Throughout the process, we have bonded and built chemistry as a group and as rappers/singers. We got the chance to discover each other’s style, and realized that we bring a lot of qualities, talent, and characteristics to the team that will help us be successful. We are excited and anxious to get our music heard from others to build a loyal fan base and have a positive influence on people’s lives.

I live in Columbus, Georgia..
but I am currently pursuing an education in New York. The music scene is pretty good in my hometown. There is always concerts, musical events, and clubs showcasing different genres of music.

Music business…
I feel that the music business is a great business when surrounded by the right people. There are people in the industry that are trustworthy, loyal, and are willing to go the distance to make sure you will succeed, but the industry is also full of dirty and shady people who will bring you down as an artist. Since making music, I have done a lot of research on the good and bad that comes along with being an artists in the music industry, and I have learned that if I want to be successful, I have be the alpha of my work, which means that I have to put in my own work to give my music exposure. The music business isn’t going to give me anything for free, so it is imperative that I work on myself, my craft, and my own brand and surround myself with loyal, trustworthy people that want the same. I know that success will not come over night, so I have to continue to put my best foot forward, keep God first, develop my craft as a rapper and businessman, and drive on. Without God, there is no way, so I feel that the music business will do SMG a positive service in God’s way.


Song name: How It Is (Prod. by D-Yoda)
Music Genre/ category : Rap/Hip Hop
The song is about the current challenges and struggles we as American citizens go through in America today. It talks about the major, various topics and issues people talk about and go through on a day-to-day basis. Some of the topics discussed in the song are police brutality, black on black crimes, Black Lives Matter, the tension between regular citizens, predominantly the African American race, and law enforcement, corrupt pastors and church congregations, the lack of parents raising their children, and the day-to-day issues dealing with personal relationships and fake men and women.

The motivation to write the song came from my father, Marcus Seldon. He is a deputy sheriff that sees first hand the daily struggles and challenges African Americans go through from both the law enforcement and African American perspectives. He suggested that I make a song that people can relate to in regards to these topics, so I wrote this song and had the help of my stepbrother, Cameron a.k.a D-Yoda, to record it using one the beats he created.



I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
rapper/businessman Master P. I listened to Master P growing up and I loved his music, but it was until recently that I discovered his background story on how he became successful making music. One thing I admire about Master P is his intelligence. He did his research, played his cards right, and was always motivated to put in his own individual work to build his legacy. His work ethic and drive inspired me to develop my own brand and build my own legacy in the music industry.

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