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What you can expect from this album first …
and foremost is great production and sound quality. As this is my first project, I really wanted to set the bar high not only for me, but all of the artists I will be releasing moving forward as well. A lot of listeners may not fully understand the difference between okay mixing and excellent mixing, but one thing I can you, the feeling every listener gets when they hear okay mixing verses excellent mixing is night and day. If you cannot switch from a Jay Z song, to a Lil Wayne song, to my song and keep that feeling going(as far as quality) then you already are putting yourself in a bad position, regardless of content. Quality and production is the first thing you can expect, the second thing is great content. I take pride in knowing that every song is catchy, has a strong message and relates to someone out there.

Band Name: The company that my artists and I work under is called SynCo Entertainment. We are not a “band” per say, but we do colaberate pretty frequently as you will notice as you get to know my music. As far as me, I go by Syn.

Song name: BlakOut
Music Genre/ category : Hiphop/Rap
BlakOut is a song that is very special to me for many reasons. First, this song is the first song I’ve ever written, or at least taken seriously when I was writing it. I always enjoyed writing songs, but just because I had the means to record them as I have a recording studio at my apartment. Now the reason why BlakOut stands out above all of them and you hear me say my first song, is because it encompasses all the frustrations I had with artists and their egos and how it put me in a position to step out of my comfort zone and become an artist myself in order for my company(SynCo Entertainment)to succeed.


I was tired of being the one on the boards mixing or on the keys producing and never having a strong enough voice as far as my opinions holding any weight. Situations where artists will walk away from projects because they found a better connect, or because money isn’t falling from trees, put me in a position as a producer/engineer where all that work was for nothing. So after writing BlakOut, and getting the reaction I got from it, I sat with myself and said “look, I need an artist who is going to be loyal, talented, have a story that connects with the people and also will work just as hard as me if not harder…” The answer to that, was me, and my career as a hiphop artist began, and that was 2 years, 1 EP and 3 Videos ago.

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I live right outside of NYC…
in a city called New Rochelle. I would say the music scene is heavier in places surrounding me, like Mount Vernon, Yonkers or NYC. New Rochelle, as I am sure has its own music scene as most cities do, isn’t as loud about as a Yonkers or a Mount Vernon. Don’t get me wrong, I love New Rochelle, it’s never treated me wrong and I’m sure there is a diamond in the rough out here that I will find soon, but at the moment all of my music inspiration is surrounding me rather then being right at home.

Music business …
The music business is funny, and since I’ve been independent for a while and most of it being in the background, I think recently I am really starting to experience what it’s like being the artist now. I have only one pro and that’s the fact that it’s music, music is like air to me, I need it and it really does make me happy. Now the cons, there are a lot, which is why I’m leaning towards making this happen independently but I haven’t decided yet. The main con for me is trust, it is non existent. I’ve been blessed to have a strong team of people in the industry surrounding me right now that I do trust, so this comment does not include them(and they know who they are) but I’m an honest person, I like to be upfront and direct and honestly since music means so much to me, whenever I let someone in it’s like a relationship to me.

I have no reason not to trust you so let’s work, which is the wrong mind state and I’ve been burned more times then I am proud to speak about. Which is sad, because it’s build a wall that I don’t enjoy having up, because music shouldn’t be about screwing over the next guy for a dollar, but unfortunately that what I’ve noticed a lot of people do, and it’s made the business side of the industry unenjoyable thus far. But like I said, the team that surrounds me from the artists right at home, to my business partners, to my new friends in the industry(that I consider part of the team)that have helped bring my music to where it is today, have all kept me in a positive place in continuing to love what I do regardless of the cons.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Anyone that knows me will not be shocked by this answer, but the only person is Ludacris. Not only is he the first artist I ever listened to when he released Back For The First Time, but if you really look at his career, how he started from literally selling CDs out of his trunk, to becoming a radio personality so he could spin his own record to be heard and now being a Legend in not only the music industry, but also the entertainment industry as a whole. What is is that he said to Drake on the diss record, “… I’m in a while different tax bracket…” he isn’t lying. What he has done with his career is so impressive, and just to have 5 minutes to pick his bran and have him critique my work and give me advice on where to go from here would be amazing to say the least.

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