Listen to the Live Interview Episode #451 Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax :

by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

The Rebellion Lost. Tom Devlin, Dan Saranita, Sean Devlin, Jimmy Bou.

We formed just about 1 year ago and even though the band is new, we have this cohesive bond. All of us believe in the music we are playing and try to contribute our influences to the music. Sure, there will always be clashes during the creation process but we vote and that seems to tie down the final decision without any conflicts.  It’s all about the music so being a team is what we focus on. I think we are already starting out strong. 

We all live in Queens…
Our homebase is Astoria. The music scene in our borough differs. There is a very strong presence of Thrash Metal/Metalcore. There is a wide variety of Hip Hop artists and poets to be found in the underground scene as well. The bands we mostly hang out with and play bills with are local like-minded enthusiasts of Punk Rock music or variations of Alternative Rock. Some of the best places to see shows at or places we like to play at are mostly places that appreciate their artists and are very accessible:Arlene’s Grocery and Rockwood Music Hall in Manhattan.

Gold Sounds and the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. The Shillelagh Tavern and Gussy’s in Queens. Mr Beery’s in Long Island. They all mostly bank themselves on playing live Rock music from local artists but they are open to any and all music as well. Each venue fairly pays artists for their performance and will always introduce you to something new.

The music business is…
in an ever changing state and it always has been. It’s an industry designed to make money; everybody should understand that. In the past there have been passionate artists with integrity and sincerity that were able to achieve success on their own terms with little to no compromise from their principles. Those are the bands that inspire us. There is something very disheartening about a band or artist so disconnected from reality that their music becomes a parody of its once greatness. There’s a lot of ‘business’ people out there making a killing off of hard working bands. They expect the performer to get the draw, play the show, pay for the room and the staff, and that logic doesn’t resonate with us. They take advantage of bands that are young, inexperienced, and gullible. It happens all over the country and it’s unfortunate to see.

As a band you are expected to perfect your craft and play your soul out every night –that’s a good show. Sure, there are some bad ones out there that create music that doesn’t speak to us but a lot of bands are working really hard at it for little to no financial reward. When you think about it like that, either these bands are passionate about their art and want to have a good time or they’re insane. Passionately insane. Sounds like us.

Inspired by
Tom: It would have to be James Hetfield of Metallica. He’s not my favorite but I have listened to him during interviews over the years and he’s kept the same demeanor. It’s a cliché but he is very down to Earth and he acknowledges his flaws and shares them. I admire that.

Dan: I would say if I could meet someone for 5 minutes it would be Claudio Sanchez from Coheed and Cambria. It seems he created this whole other world with his music and comics and I would just want to explore that a bit.

Sean: 5 minutes alone with Tony Iommi would be amazing. He’s my favorite guitarist and I would like to learn how to come up with riffs like him.

Jim: Dave Grohl. He’s always been my hero from his passion of the music to his consistency over the years. He has collaborated with many other artists that I like. His humbleness is undeniable. He has sold out places like Wembley Stadium and still is the genuinely cool, down to earth guy he’s always been. I’m inspired to be just that and would love to sit down and chat with him.

Punch drunk…
normally is when a boxer or fighter just gets hit in the head so many times he or she is incoherent forever. In terms of “love?” It’s when you find someone who makes you all flustered. The simplicity and purity of that emotion is far more than just infatuation and shallow attraction. Punch Drunk to u s is a mix of finding someone you really want to be with but also just taking hits from them because companionship and a feeling of completeness is far more durable than the butterflies everybody always sings about. Sometimes, that emotion can be borderline toxic if you just keep taking hits because, in your mind at least, it’s worth working out and ignoring obvious red flags – the intoxication that comes with that can easily be a double entendre.

The riff for “Punch Drunk” is one of those riffs that just got played around with until finally we were able to get it off the ground. The song came to be quite quickly. The story the band loves to talk about the most is that Tom, the writer of it, originally didn’t want to record it for the EP but the other three guys overruled him and it became the single and most popular song to date.

The music…
What we expect people to take from our music is anything that will inspire or influence creativity. Our influences are mostly bands that took simplicity and perfected it Everyone in the band is capable of doing more on an individual basis but as a collective? The music that always spoke to us was that most relatable music –the music a 12 year old kid would want to pick up a guitar and play along to. The emotions we trigger can be positive, negative, or apathetic – as long as it’s something real and not forced.