Honest music will find a way to the hearts of the listeners.

Band Name: The Shrieks
Person Interviewing: Luis Accorsi

I founded the first punk band in Venezuela in 1978 called Janz Kapella.

In 1983, I moved to NYC and played every club in the city that would have me. It was a great time to be an artists. One of my favorite gigs that I played many times was at CBGBS.

At night I play music non-stop and by day I have a career as an art dealer. My band is my real masterpiece though.

My music is considered protest music. I would love for people to take the concept of appreciating your neighbors, respecting Mother earth and obeying the laws that keep us all safe. Rock in roll has always served the purpose of delivering a solid message to its audience. Those stories shape our history and our humanity.


In the album..
going all the way is the name of the game for us at this point. I’m most inspired by loving life and harmony among my family and friends. I believe Nature to be my god and unfortunately we are in an abusive relationship with Mother Earth!

The newest single is ‘Frustration in the Nation’. It’s a Neo-Wave/Punk Rock tune that remarks on the overflowing frustration that I see in society.

This is a pandemic of human frustration against the incredible injustices we do to each other. Greed and graft, everyone out for themselves. It’s a classic protest song.

I spend most of my time in Brooklyn, where I’m creating music, looking at art, and loving my sweetheart Haleh.

I’m most influenced by…
Very obscure latin music. I grew up in Venezuela, lived on a house on stilts over a coral reef. Later I learned about the Rock infection and got hooked.

When did you know that this was the right path for you?
When I played a kazoo and started to cry. Another kid came up to me and he had a converted electric ‘quarto’ (like a mandolin) painted with psychedelic colors. And he was an albino, he consoled me and we made music for many years.

What do you like most about what you do?
Disconnecting from lifes aggression. It’s a great place to curl up and get nutty.

What is the biggest obstacle you have faced in your career, and how did you overcome it?

People like stupid music, that’s the real truth. I know that your listeners are not these folks, they investigate what’s new and fresh.

As we go into August…
I’m most looking forward to some great shows sharing our message of love and honesty.

Now that’ a great time.

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