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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW THE X
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio


Collaborators: Mario Lino Stancati, Nina Hoppas

Person Interviewing: Luca Ascari

Song name: Body Structure The X – Mario Lino Stancati

Music Genre/ category : Post Industrial, Dark Noise,Experimental

Initial velvety soft timbres, instrumental impressionism by The X. The twilight harmonic singing of Mario Lino Stancati, textures and musical arrangements mixed with Ambient sounds and sinister requiem vibrations.This Dark soundscape then brings the extreme. Their art of sharp timbres, beveled chords, dissonant and syncopated stairs. The sound becomes more dense and neurasthenic, giving it a more distinctive character to our music. Stancati juggles with great eclecticism between the rhythms and the sound composition always more close to an epileptic hurricane and flamboyant post hardcore punk,(lyric of the song, is an extract of phrases and and thoughts taken from some works of Andrea Emo, Italian philosopher of the 900 with a deeply pessimistic view of the human condition).The song becomes a psychic hurricane, shouted chants become the only spoken, as the singing an half distraction. The electronicpunk sound it’s a rowdy, wild, shaggy, propelled by an endless rhythm section and enlivened by guitar and the art of sound by The X.


The collaboratin with Stancati.born in 2017.While The X (me) after many live concerts in Italy in 80/90 years In 2000 years I started to work in my Recording studio.
The spirit of our music is directly linked to punk noise experimental (it was nothing else to be so radical), but the means employed are very different as the industrial groups have dismembered the traditional guitar, bass and drum trio, opting for instrumentation Almost entirely electronic. The spirit was rebellious and outrageous just like punk rock, but the sound is hard to classify within the rock scene. The post-industrial music was still in tune with the new intellectual wave The underlying theme, the alienation of the individual in industrial society.Our music with Mario Lino Stancati is music, violent, anarchist. He proceeds for rhythm rushes, hailing of chords, screaming follies.

I live in Italy in Carpi (MO…
Is a little town based on knitting industries…. There are few chances to play music live.Many people listen just radio (only pop or dance, Italian or foreign but very trivial) .There are a few people that are expert to new sonds and musical researchers like me.I think to be a little enciclopedya of music from classical to contemporary included the latest releases Not trivial but serious and intellectual music..I’ve many hardisk 3 Terabyte full of music I read many music magazines and .I’m very knowledgeable about what’s happening in the musical scene of the moment.

Music business…
At The moment to my opinion is difficult to sell music. As I said before the audience does not listen to music (in the true sense of the word) but feels it as a background to the radio…… Many people downloads just 1 track from different bands for own compilation, and they do not even know that bands are, their bio, style etc. In Italy the general culture is waning. Especially the music that is not even considered culture.I sell on Bandcamp and with my other project called Grave Closure Distrokid and Bandcamp

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
Skype: luca.ascari2 I did not well understand the question…Pls can you explain me in FB chat or Skype.Who is the person that I should admire ??….My collaborator Stancati?

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