I’m looking forward to my new singles and my teams’ albums that’s coming out. I’m also looking forward to keeping loving what I do and being who I am and pushing my love for music as far as I can go. There is no stop to success unless u make it.

 Band Name: Ghost u like it I love it
 Song name: Coffee And Rum Feat GoldenDay
 Music Genre:: Pop, Hip Hop, Alternative
Ghost u like it I love it is an upcoming, well diverse artist. Well diverse, not only in his mastering of many music genres, but also in a specialized skill such as- music and video production, choreography dancing, and performing. To add to the things he has done. Instead of waiting for a new label he has been signed to 2 other labels in the past. He took over the last record label Adverse Effects in Canada in 2014 and he opened his own label. After getting that he has released, produced, wrote, rapped, and sang on 169 tracks. As a business owner, Artist, Producer he is what you would call a triple threat. In 2018 Ghost u like it I love it has won 3 awards from songs off his recent album ( In The Company Of Two ).
Ghost’s music is quite unique. If you listen to one of his 8 albums (her, her 2, her 3, Living in the moment, Music is my mistress, Transformation, Mr. U Like It I Love It, In The Company Of Two) you will understand just what I mean. With lyrics that never bore, with true south flava (which comes from being Texas born and raised), such a creative blending of music genres; he is the perfect fit to push the music and entertainment business into transformation.

He is so dedicated, passionate, and talented I’m sure this will not be the last you hear of him. (Raymond Collier – Real artist breakdown 2018) ( Ghost u like it I love it )

I want to say Love these guys (Mathew Winkle, Valerie winkle, Del la Cruz, Fabian Beets, Mike Hamada) in this because they were there for my first album and support but also still to this day people I love and great friends.
 This song was written about me and my wife. I wanted to show the world even being busy in the studio and always traveling and working that the person that you love the most always will have a piece of your heart. She is the rum and I am the coffee mug. When I am low or not in the right space she fills me with the inspiration and the drive I need.
The first most influential artist for me would have to be Prince and the reason for that is because he was so versatile in music and always pushed his music to different levels. The second would have to be Lil Wayne and the reason is that no matter what his work ethic is so amazing to me and the product he puts out he is always leveling up. The third would have to be Eminem because through his life even through all the hate and judgment he kept pushing forward. I would name more but I could go on forever.
I will say all and all with the three artist I mentioned and Drake , Childish Gambino , Z-ro , Trae The Truth , MGK , Chamillionaire , Method Man ,Redman , Robin Thicke , Amanda Perez , Mc Magic , Aerosmith , Ac/Dc , Queen , Chicago, Lenny Kravitz , Green Day , Evanescence , Black Shelton , Kieth Urban , Tim Mcgraw all this artist have showed me love what you do and if u have a dream don’t let it pass. All this artist have made their dreams come true and reach their goals and even though I’m not some major artist on the biggest billboards I know that I have touched peoples hearts and knowing that as a music artist is an amazing thing. Say that to say I’m rich already from my supportive family, team, friends, and fans, Just like the other artist I have named I will make a mark in this life and hopefully be someones inspiration like all these artists I have named have been to me.
 The tools I need before I even start is a candle. You may ask why a candle? Honestly when I recorded and wrote my first song I had a candle burning beside me in the studio so I always need one. Now since that’s clear I will start the process. (1) Hot shower while playing my 80’s playlist then have coffee and clean the house to let go of any stress and trust its really relaxing. (2) After I clean I put my jewelry on and pick my hat for that day. Now, this is important because my custom hats with my brand shows the mood I am in. (White) Peace and love ( Black) more of a darker mood and sad ( Red) Angry or controversial ( Crazy winter hat ) Just crazy and playful. (3) Play my piano for about an hour. (4) Call and talk to the team (5) Sit in silence and turn my phone off and let the song come to me. (6) Write and record (7) Make sure that the song is perfected for all of you. (Equipment I use )
I use either Adobe Audition Pro or Cubase. As far as mics I use my Blue’ microphone which Blue is the brand or I use my Mxl. Both mics are studio condenser mics. I’m not running an apple computer I actually prefer HP. I’m running a Steinburg mixer with a VE-20 Processer. My headphones are beats by Dre and studio monitors are Alesis. I’m running dual screens it makes the process so much easier.
There’s not only one favorite quote I have so I will share these:
“Life is life, live life, love life and never lose yourself in it.” (Ghost u like it i love it )
“Sometimes it takes years for a person to become an overnight success.”(Prince)
“I want to make heart decisions in business. If you can’t do that, you’re not free. I want to be able to dictate which way I’m going to go.” (Prince)
“I don’t really care so much what people say about me because it usually is a reflection of who they are.” (Prince)
This past month was focused on getting the album released and getting the right promotion done for it so it could hit as hard as it can. Also, I’ve been working with my team members Duceplaya ( Music Is Life release date September 28, 2018) & D The Lyricist (King Of The Valley Release date Oct 21, 2018) trying to get there new albums ready to be released. I have myself listened to these album’s already and worked on tracks with them and I promise you to have to go out and get these. I’ve also been working on my new singles for the 9th album which I know yall are going to love. We’ve also have been talking about doing a group album Lyrical Lyfestyle which will include other artists also besides just us. So our direction will stay what it has been since the beginning which is to push my music until the end and leave something to be remembered.

 Three things I’ve learned this past year

1. Always believe in what u do and never give up 

2.If you love what you do and show confidence people will love it too

3. People and hate u and love u but you have to make the decision on how u react