“The Music business is a crazy business full of excitement. Seems like things change day to day. It is never the same. And it is awesome that we have the power to build our own brand without a label.” – @Bflatmo

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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Music business…
It is a crazy business full of excitement. Seems like things change day to day. It is never the same. And it is awesome that we have the power to build our own brand without a label.

Money is always an issue…
it’s a very expensive business. And finding the right team…well that is the deal breaker. But I have found a team that believes in me and works with me to make my vision come to life.

I am over coming the hurdles and pitfalls…
By surrounding myself with an amazing team…My team is my family. They guide me thru every step of the process.

Social media…
is a fantastic way to connect with my fans and keep them updated on what is going on in my life, in my career, in my head…it also allows me to connect to other artists and talents.

Have you found any challenges that you’ve had to overcome…
Not really, I enjoy the connection that is formed from engaging with my audience…They become friends, family members, fans. Keeping up with all the different platforms can be challenging but my team really helps me stay on all of it. Its all about time management.

Singles vs an album…
Singles are a great way to get your music out fast. People are also more inclined to download a single than they would be to download a full album. Albums are for the artist and serious fans. Another cool thing about singles is it allows you to do something different. It doesn’t have to match the rest of the album.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Frank Sinatra because I grew up listening to his music. I love his style of music and would love to do a full album with him. He is classic, romantic and timeless.

Britt_Flatmo_AVA_Online_RadioI like to stay current and trendy but…
I do find it difficult at times to stay current and trendy because I am a lover of ballads. Birdy, Tori Kelly, James Bay are beautiful songwriters and I find that I am drawn to that style of music. On the other side of life, I am playing (right now) EDM/ House with a little Michael Buble thrown in. I think that people expect to see a show and ballads seem to put people to sleep. They are great to listen to on the radio…but don’t always make the best show stoppers. So, I keep my balance by throwing in a slower song or two in my set…oh and I can do slower stuff on my youtube videos!

I am most afraid of…
OK I am sure I am not the only one…. but clowns and dolls are a no bueno. On a serious note…I have a fear of forgetting lyrics! lol

My personal definition of success is..
Success to me is being happy every day of life… it doesn’t matter what you do or how much you achieve, if you are not happy, you are not successful.

My mom and I took a leap of faith moving to LA from Seattle, Washington…
when I was 10 years old to pursue my dreams of acting/ singing. I have been fortunate enough to have had an amazing career as an actor. My most proud moments was when I was in Life As We Know it with Katherine Heigle and Josh Duhamel as well as in JJ Abrams and Steven Speilberg’s Super 8. These movies were rewards of my hard training and drive.

My over all goal for my life & career is…
Life and career goals have a way of cross-pollinating. I want to be a successful artist, actor, performer that never settles. And live a happy, healthy life.

My mom knew I loved to sing around the house so…
she got me involved in music theater when I was 5 yrs old. I landed my first professional gig in A Christmas Carol at ACT Theater in Seattle. I fell in love with being on stage as an actor and as a performer/singer. I have spent the every day doing what I love since then.

‘Come On Home’…
is about my former boyfriend who is in the military. 
He was my first love and at the time he was stationed in Florida. To a young girl in love, that was like him being on the moon. I sat down and started writing and the words just poured out of me.
 During the process of recording the single the boyfriend became the former boyfriend. That made it hard to film the music video because it brought to light a lot of feelings. But at least I had a great partner in crime on set, Cody Saintgnue from MTV’s Teen Wolf as my “Love Interest” and he made filming fun. Buy the song:

This is my first album and…
all of the songs were the first songs I had ever written, which were pulled from memories and moments of my life. I think it is will be special to people because it is true, raw, real and from my heart. I have made some amazing partnership and connections with people who believe in me. I signed to JG Entertainment who has been a part of my life since I was 10 yrs old and they are very behind me and my music. We are working on the promo tour, new music, more music videos…Stay tuned to for updated scheduling and info.

I currently live in Sherman Oaks, a suburb of Los Angeles…
The music scene here is always poppin’ with new music and amazing artists. 
The Mint, Republic of Pie, Bar 20, Molly Malones, Avalon Hollywood, The Whiskey, Seventy-Seven North just to name a few for new bands and artists.
Well don’t tell anyone (SHHHH! lol) but I am a SUPER GAMER! I love first person shooter games. Halo series is number one in my heart but might come in second to my 3DS XL.


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