I think it’s tough to break into and make a name for yourself.
With a whole lot of determination, persistence and genuine music, I think that can and will take you far. @JCannavoMusic

Live Interview
Episode #340 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax:

by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

I think it’s tough to break into and make a name for yourself.
With a whole lot of determination, persistence and genuine music, I think that can and will take you far.

I really love making music and it takes your mind off
of everything going on in every day life and brings you to another place. It’s a cool feeling when someone tells you they connect with and like your music.

The cons: Studio time is expensive,
building a name for yourself takes a lot of time and effort but hard work pays off! I’m overcoming expenses with being a part-time delivery guy and I also just got my real estate license.

I’m just trying to put out single after single
so I can build somewhat of a repertoire and some fans along the way. Then after a bit of time, I’d like to put out an EP and promote that as a whole.

I like how it gives you a place to just express your thoughts.
I do that on Twitter and I’m trying to leave my Facebook page for just music related content. I intend on promoting my upcoming music a lot through both Twitter and Facebook. I honestly think it’s a big help in getting your music heard and the people who like it can start following you that way.

Britney Spears. She’s inspiring both as a person and as one of Pop’s biggest icons.
As a person, she has overcome so much and came out stronger on the other side, despite almost everyone against her at the time. As an icon, she has proven herself to be one of the most influential artists in Pop history and she epitomizes all aspects of Pop culture and music.

I feel like if you make music that you enjoy and it comes from a genuine place,
it should attract others as well so there’s not too much of a need to be trendy or current. I don’t think being trendy and current is necessarily bad though.

My favorite music quote or inspirational quote is…
“I looked far and now I see that the only one I needed was me.”


“Fly” is about taking control of your life and leaving anything and everything that is holding you down. Whether that be negativity, people or your own self doubt, “Fly” is about letting all that go and rising above it.

I was sitting on my bed one day and I started playing around with GarageBand. I came up with this funky melody (the verses) and then I started writing lyrics to it and just kind of went with whatever was in my mind at the moment. I wanted to make “Fly” have this kind of spacey, almost trippy vibe, as if you were actually flying and surrounded by clouds or something.

I’m working on my first EP soon.
You can expect a lot of contagious melody, cool hooks and authentic, inspiring lyrics. I love Pop and that’s what I want to incorporate into my own music. I try to write from whatever emotional state I’m in and translate that mood and feeling into music. For me, I think melody is most important and it can make you feel a certain way, regardless of lyrical content and regardless of what state you are in at that time. What I want to do and am trying to do with my own music is to combine Pop melody with sincere lyrics and hopefully people will connect with that.


I live in Miami, Florida,
so I’m basically living in the party capital of the U.S. Ironically, I don’t really like to go out and party a lot but you can’t beat the weather here. The music here is usually EDM/House/Dance focused, especially in the clubs but there is also a big Latin population where I live so you’ll hear a lot of Latin music as well.



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