goofy woofy indie musicSuccess to me is being happy with yourself in what you do….
If money and fame come along with it of course that’s a plus but if your in it just for the money prepare to be disappointed. “- @GWoofy

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW GOOFY WOOFY
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

I’ve been involved with music all my life…
My homies inspired me to begin rapping, they were doing it and I just happened to fit in with what was going on.

It’s a love/hate relationship with the music business…
I think the way it’s set up now it takes advantage of indie artists because it can be so difficult to establish a name or a brand. It’s definitely a “pay to play” situation nowadays and there are so many scams it’s easy to get swindled if you don’t know what you’re doing or haven’t done your homework. The con I dislike most is paying for slots to perform live at shows then having to sell tickets to recoup the cost. Isn’t that what the promoters of the shows are supposed to do? But the pro to it all is learning firsthand all the intricacies of the business in general. I just grind, do my thing and make things happen. That’s how I overcome any obstacle not just musical pitfalls.

I live in LA…
and I gotta say the music scene is like no other, I love the west coast movement. There’s always a club or venue that displays all genres of music besides rap and hip hop so it’s easy to network and meet quality musicians and artists. I love collaborating with other artists and working on new music and concepts.

Actually I’m not a big fan of social media …
although I realize it’s pretty much a necessity nowadays for marketing and distribution but overall I think it can do more damage than good if you’re not careful. My only challenge is taking the time to take pictures and post them, but constantly taking selfies is not my cup of tea.

I’m the type of artist that loves what I do…
so everyone can expect more quality music from me and my camp. I just like to make those tracks that move the crowd and that people can relate to. What’s special about my EP “ADHD” is that is has a track any listener can enjoy. A lot of it is based on personal experiences so I just try to relay that to my audience as best I can, and in a way they can understand because not everyone does. Right now I’m marketing through various radio and media outlets as well as cdbaby and iTunes.

Success to me is being happy with yourself in what you do….
If money and fame come along with it of course that’s a plus but if your in it just for the money prepare to be disappointed. If you don’t truly enjoy your craft and aren’t constantly improving on it then any level of success is difficult. I would say my success story is the release of my “ADHD” EP. It took a lot of time and patience and the collabs and videos reflect that. It was really a grind getting it done and it’s also my first release. I feel it’s overall it’s a good project I’m already working on the follow up.

Eventually I want to start my own music/video company…
to help other artists get established and get their ideas off the ground. Shooting music videos, music production, everything to bring out the quality for talented artists with s vision. I’m always thinking of new ways to enterprise.

I try to gain at least a few new fans or followers each week…
and reach out to them through social media even if it’s just to say hello or thank you. I also try to learn something new about the business everyday and I listen to at least one new artist per week since lately my inbox has been flooded with requests from various artists to listen and comment on their music.

The story or concept behind promise is basically the ups and downs of heart tied relationships and the emotions we go thru when we’re unwillingly away from that person. It was a fun song to record I just built on the concept and went from there.

goofy woofy indie artists

Personally I’d rather release singles….
That way I can switch up styles and in a way keep up with what’s current because the scene is constantly changing. I study the game. And with singles it seems easier to do videos to promote it. With an album there are obviously more songs, most of which won’t have a video, but the advantage to an album is more of a sample size for listeners, so the artist isn’t judged by one single alone.

Eazy E. To me…
he was the brains behind what started the whole west coast movement. To pioneer a supergroup like NWA and bring urban life to mainstream America in that form is something we will never witness again.

There does seem to be a lot of sheep out there…
but for me the key is balancing what’s current without changing my individual style. Too still keep it 100 without making it sound too cheesy.

I’m most afraid of Cockroaches. ..
I hate them like Pratt on that old horror flick Creepshow.


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