BlindSide Thunder Staying True to Your Roots

BlindSide Thunder Staying True to Your Roots

BlindSide Thunder Staying True to Your Roots

John E Wilde Guitars/Vocals- Dan – Bass – Andy K – Drums
Rock band from Tampa, FL

Being a Musician Today…
Excellent!! So much info and equipment out there to take advantage of that was never there even 8 years ago. Play!! Set your sites on something and do it. Do not chase trends because by the time you get it out you will be behind and it will have passed you and your music. We have never had that thought. As a band we believe that keeping true to your roots and developing, you will always be relevant and will never have to worry about trends. Music goes in circles and always comes back around just stay true, focused and humble (a good work ethic does not hurt either) and success will find you.

Best Advise…
There is a ton of music advice but I think it comes down to Keep your Publishing. (Steve Vai). I was able to speak with him for an hour before a show and that is probably the best thing I have heard.

Why I love to create music…
Fun, freedom and the power. The power to move people. The feeling of doing something that is pure joy. Nothing like it. To be onstage with my friends and watching the crowd sing along……MAGICAL!!!!

The Music Business…
is ever changing but will never be what it was. This is good because there is so much opportunity for all independent musicians to make a living and create a buzz about their act or band. If you want success (does not mean cash) you have to create positive energy and work at it every day like it is your company and you’re the CEO, which when you look at it, you really are. Sure there will be set backs but you need to overcome adversity to grow. As a band and musician I love it.


My music is…
Our music is about life, fun and the continuous party that we forget life is. We all need to let loose!! Not being too serious or having any message. It is about being a Rebel doing your own thing and not having to stay in the majority. I think we are all a little off center. Get over yourself. With all we having going on we forget about US. Always move forward and improve and don’t forget a beer or margarita is only inches away.

New Release: ‘Rock and Roll Junkie’

This song is about…
Rock and Roll Junkie is about day dreaming and thinking about how BST got here. Being a kid and having a fantasy of playing in front of huge crowds. What it is like to be a rock star. BST’s version of Johnny B Good, sort of.

As far as a true direction…
we are straight shooting hard rock/metal band so we keep it simple but have a little class and make it tasteful. Allow people to enjoy big drums, bass and guitars!!! I think modern music at times misses the mark, maybe too much processing or electronics. I can’t say.

I feel everyone should feel the groove and a cranked up Marshall Amp!! If you’re offended, OK be offended. We just keep going with no apologies. Society has become too soft, so many people can’t say what or how they feel because they do not want to alienate themselves from friends, family etc.

When we take the stage or make a cd or write a song we are not thinking about anyone in particular but how can we get the crowd moving and how does the music make us feel. As long as it is heavy and grooving we are in the sweet spot. Rock and Roll is supposed to be fun. We aren’t using our music as a political, social or religious platform. We just want you to have some fun.

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