I feel that in the business, its not really all about talent but who you know.
You have to know what type of deals and contracts your signing and making @treyology3/

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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Blue Flame aka Treyology

I feel that in the business, its not really all about talent but who you know.
You have to know what type of deals and contracts your signing and making.

I have experienced a lot of politics just to be frank.
Even though I just started, I feel that you have to put yourself in a position to be seen and market yourself by coming out consistently with hit songs.

I believe right now releasing singles is cool right now more than an album.
I just started so throwing little signs that I got something will put people on notice but eventually you have to start building a powerful catalog that can stand the test of time to anyone’s career and catalog.

Right now, I am just building a team
that can help to market me better since I just started, so to answer that question TBD lol

Me being an introvert it has its benefits such as posting
without actually engaging one on one. You can send one message to the masses and that pretty cool.

I believe you have to have a balance because authenticity
is better than copying what everyone else is doing. Sometimes I feel everyone wants to catch the wave of whats trending instead of creating their own wave.

I always have a saying that my pain will become my power.
I don’t think I just go through anything for no reason. Everything has a purpose, so if I survived homelessness, being left for dead, in institutions, I must something to be reckon with. I use my struggles to push me to my purpose

I don’t listen or care of people’s opinions of me.
I live and follow my blueprint for my own life.

Tupac…I want to just have a conversation with him about life…
not even music because I feel his was so smart. Plus he did a lot for the community which I have done and plan on doing on a broader level. He didn’t have a lot of friends such as myself and lived out his life the way he wanted to

I made the decision to become a full-time artist in 2013.
I have always been involved in music. I first started singing when I was 5 years old. I lead the church choir at my granddads church, and also started winning talent shows in school. I also been rapping since I was young but didn’t take it seriously due to me being involved in sports. I have been able to do a few hooks for different artists and perform a few shows. How did you get your start in music or what inspired you to begin?

Believe In Me

Believe In Me came about when I started looking back on my life
and how I have always been doubted on and looked over. I have never been given a fighting chance to be successful. Most of the time, I have had to push and believe in myself to accomplish the smallest things in life. From being from a single parent home, I never had it easy. Sometimes we went to bed hungry, and even when I get older I experienced being homeless, left for dead, and in jail and mental institutions. So without candy coating anything, yes this song is personal to me. I believe in myself and I want my fans and supporters to know that no matter where you come from and who doubts you, you can believe you can touch the stars and leave your own legacy.

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Same as I said before,
I have been through a lot, and even now people doubt that I can make music due to me starting later in my life. I have to believe that everything happens for a reason, including me taking the long route and not selling myself short of greatness.

Since I am starting out with my music career being upfront
and blunt about who I am and where I come from, I hope those that hear me will be inspired. Yes I have gangsta music as well, but I want to give my background first so people can know I’m speaking from the heart in my lyrics. This album The Pursuit of Happiness is a mult-cultural and racial barrier breaking album. Everyone is going thru something and has felt the pain of not being told you are somebody or you will be great so this album should relate to everyones situation.

Blue Flame aka Treyology4

I live in Houston and their are very talented artists here.
Some are even local legends, but its hard to get the recognition unless you are already on. I love my city but I am striving to become a global legend in the music industry. I plan on going global though with my career so I look forward to traveling around the world.


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