Although I myself am more on the creative & developmental side of musicianship,
I’ve come to realize that having a working knowledge of music business is quite crucial to advance in this field. ! ! I think it’s even more relevant when you start producing & releasing, either on labels like I have or self distribution, using the various platforms that are out there @danny_satori

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW DANNY SATORI
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Danny Satori, and my official website (www.dannysatori.com)

Although I myself am more on the creative & developmental side of musicianship,
I’ve come to realize that having a working knowledge of music business is quite crucial to advance in this field. ! ! I think it’s even more relevant when you start producing & releasing, either on labels like I have or self distribution, using the various platforms that are out there. I just feel so blessed now that at this point in
my career, I can fully dedicate my time to prepare for performances as a pianist & DJ, as well as producing in the studio. I know a lot of artists who struggle to achieve this balance, so when I felt it was time to make the move in this direction, I just went for it & haven’t looked back since.

As an artist, I’ve performed piano in concert halls,
mansions & penthouse rooftop parties, as well as DJing underground after-hours clubs & parties with crazy crowds that rage pretty hard. So when it comes to the spectrum of the good & bad in the music, I’ve definitely seen my fair share. What I feel becomes detrimental is when people start operating just for themselves, their ego, or with the sole purpose to just make as much money as possible for selfish reasons. Promoters, DJs, musicians ~ it’s
all the same unfortunately, and leaves the culture fragmented & confused. To an extent, I had!! experienced this professionally myself, and it came to a point where I had to take a big step back and ask what I really needed for the music to grow in the best way possible. Inevitably, this feeling made me start to research the pioneers of American underground House & Techno ~ Frankie Knuckles,

Louie Vega, Terrence Parker, Jeff Mills, Carl Craig, just to name a few.
I really felt that much ! ! could be learned from the the lives of these people, and started moving in this direction with an outlook akin to theirs. Effectively, this guided me to the pros of the music ~ real connections with people, as well as becoming an active contributor to the communities that I’m a part of. So now, I take every
opportunity to use each experience as a lesson that could be learned. Experiencing the ups-anddowns can really bring one closer to the truth than just words.

I can definitely say that if I didn’t have the music to help work through my struggles,
I wouldn’t be talking to you right now, period. I can remember that prior to attending college, I had taken several years off piano for personal reasons & became pretty lost in life. It was hard, but I finally came back to the piano, and it took a little over two years to fully get my technique back. Effectively, it ended up being the best
decision of my life, as it filled a void & let that beautiful spark of life resonate back inside me!!

When I finished graduate school,
I moved to Boston to expand my career in music, but it was so hard to
break into the scene here ~ again, pros & cons. So then, I had to rely on DJing to survive & ! !
spun for all kinds of events including weddings, private parties, formal functions, as well as nightclubs &
lounges. I got to DJ in some of the best venues in Boston, and it kept me hungry, which is essential as
an artist. So then, I was able to utilize my love of DJing into a practical way to live & fight another day.
With production, this became a recent expansion of my career about four years ago, when I got into a
pretty bad car accident which injured my hips & back. I couldn’t really do much, as my mobility was
impaired for some time, so I chose that time to really focus on producing. I really wanted to develop
my own voice as an artist, as I had much experience as a pianist with improvisation, which is really
the source of my creativity. Eventually, I worked through most of my physical injuries with ! !
invasive procedures & intense physical therapy, and my auspicious struggles fortunately turned into
successes. From these adversities, I’ve emerged as a featured artist for the various record labels &
performance groups that I’m now affiliated with.

I would love to have 5 minutes with Claude Debussy,
for sure! He was such a gangsta lol…but !! seriously, what he did as a composer & pianist, it was very revolutionary for the musical timeline. I would love to talk about his life, his composition techniques, and his inspirations for most of his!! writings. Definitely my favorite composer of all time!

I started playing piano when I was four years old,
and continued to train & perform throughout my Masters studies at The University of Rhode Island. During college, I started to DJ underground music at different clubs & parties, and when I moved to Boston about four years ago, I started to take!! music production very seriously. I found that the art of producing is a great combination where I could use my experience as a DJ, as well as my skills at piano improvisation & musical creativity that I’ve
been developing for the past 27 years.!!

01. Limbic Resonance (Pure Lounge Mix):

02. Limbic Resonance (Jardin des Tuileries Chillout Mix):

The background concept of composing & producing ‘Limbic Resonance’
came to me when I started to watch the Netflix Original Series, “Sense8,” where the main characters were these evolved humans from all over the globe that could telepathically connect with each other. As I was watching the series, I found that the interweaving story lines created by the ever-so-talented Wachowski sisters were very inspiring. After conducting research on the theory of Limbic Resonance, I had also found that this is indeed a phenomenon within our natural world. An example of this is when a mother is attuned and can feel the pain of her child no matter the distance between them. I find these occurrences in nature to be most fascinating, and like to incorporate these kinds of elements into my productions. This latest release on Teknofonic Recordings has two versions of the same song: the first version is a “Pure Lounge Mix,” and would be something that you’d be listening to at a chic Buddha Bar in ! ! downtown Paris. The second is the “Jardin des Tuileries Chillout Mix,” and is a purely-instrumental cut with sweeping pads, lilting piano melodies and uplifting strings. This version also has field ! ! recordings from my last trip to France, where I was recording environmental sounds in the Jardin des Tuileries, and includes sound of birds, trees, and even Parisian street traffic as well.

Support Artist:
!iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/limbic-resonance-single/id1149067991Beatport

As my compositions & productions have different artistic expressions every time,
this release is special because it’s my first set of Chillout tracks, whereas my usual styles are more underground House & Techno. For this, I really worked to get the piano parts sounding just right, as well as the other!! supporting instruments & percussion. This release is also very significant because I had started writing it after my last trip to Europe, which was a very special time for me. I arrived in the City of Light & left a very different person, so it’s a reflection of these good memories as well. This release is also unique because every time I play it for people, they always tell me that it takes them somewhere. The destinations & interpretations are always different ~ back to their childhood, when they reached pivotal times in their life, the death of a relative, or the birth of a newborn. So then, it’s really an honor for people to tell me these things & for my music to be regarded as such. In regards as to how the music is meant to be heard & understood, my suggestion is to approach this with no preconceived ideas or expectations. Just let the music unfold & allow it to settle in, and it will be most effective to the listener in this way.


I’m currently based in Boston,
and the music scene here is small yet sustaining. Being a college town, there are plenty of college bars & clubs that play the usual mainstream music. If you’re looking for something a little more interesting though, there’s always Club Oberon in Cambridge, where I’m the resident DJ for the AcousticaElectronica performances. There’s also places like Middlesex Lounge, Good Life, Bijou, The Machine & Brass Union, where you can get real funky with Disco, House, !! Techno, and Funk/Soul as well. If you really want to feel the love, NYC is a close destination for
nightlife as well, with venues like Cielo, Output, Black Flamingo & Starvue.


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