Devon Franks indie music“I believe that the music business is one of the hardest doors to knock down and be successful. This is why I have set up my Business so that it is Self sufficient whether I receive any help from the corporate music business or not.” @devon_franks1

Live Interview November 11 2:20pm et:
Episode #273 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW DEVON FRANKS
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Music business…
In one word “Tough”. I believe that the music business is one of the hardest doors to knock down and be successful. This is why I have set up my Business so that it is Self sufficient whether I receive any help from the corporate music business or not.

Pros and cons…
Well like I have said previously I have been offered the world so many times and just get so pumped up to think that I made it, I have got a shot and then have that taken away and stabbed in your back so many times. So in my mind I have to cancel out being successful or the next superstar and break things way down. So in my mind I have to do music not for me but for the fans because they are the ones that are going to ultimately pay your bills at the end of the day. So the first step is just to be able to make a living playing music and then anything after that success should be nothing but gravy.

Social media…
I believe that social media is a great FREE advertising tool that has pushed my fan base all around the united states. The only problem with it is that people rely on only social media to make themselves famous instead wearing out the soles on your feet out on the street to further your career. So I remain as balanced as I can so that I give people what they are looking for. Such as trying to push out 3 posts a day for each social media engine and also going out to give people a live interacting to get on a more personal level.

Singles vs an album..
I would love to be able to pump out nothing but albums every month but I don’t have the time or money to do so. So in my mind if a individual can throw out a single every couple months than you stay fresh and appealing. You leave an audience waiting for more and you keep that intrest up to pull them back through the door yet another time. This has been proving itself very successful with our fan base growing to exceptional numbers.
When I was three and my Great grandmother made me a guitar out of a Tissue box…
Paper-towel Cardboard, and some rubber bands they created a monster.

Its about letting your true blue collar colors shine. To where the rebel flags can show right beside the Red White and Blue! When you don’t have nothing left from having your good time hammer down all day the band fires up and you take over the night because you run your life and if you didn’t wake up the next you went out with a fight and a fist held high because you lived up what time you were given.

I got offered the world of music by investors but of course they was no where to be found when it got down to it…. This one fella had one stipulation that I needed to write a Mud Run song. So I did and now a days Live I say “Here’s your damn Mud Run song.” My producer moved to Pennsylvania all the way from California to work on my upcoming Album so I had to move to the recording studio for the winter because I would get laid off every winter from working masonry. So I bought myself a Camper and moved up to the studio in one of the coldest winters to start the writing process. After every day of writing sessions I would take it to him to show what I have accomplished and he would either say ” We can work with that.” Or ” Throw that in the trash and go back to your tin can(aka the camper.” Mud run was thrown to the trash and I went back to my Camper. One day when we was recording my other single Mountain Justice, I opened the recording session with the new and improved Mud Run and he could not deny how cool it became. So a few weeks later out came the ole Mud Run!!

Devon Franks Artist

You can expect no beating around the bush with my music…
I want the real life to come out in each one of my songs that I write. I mean I have new found fans that when they herd my single called The Rules and they herd “Bring on Bikini tops and double DD’s” they was hooked. 😛 Because this world is defiantly not full of Romeos. We have hound dogs that like to go to pond party’s hooping to see some bikini tops. It might be controversial at some point but it is “REAL”. Most of my music will have a more edgy rock feel to it because along with my producer I have a entire band that comes from the metal genre. This will make for a new feel to create fan base that can’t help but go throughout their days playing this music because it relates to them.

I live in a small town in North Pennsylvania…
where is no red light in town. The music scene is a dying breed and the quality is being brought down to making it a financially impossible music scene. This is where I come in because I have put the time and money into my product and am convincing clubs to give us one shot and I will show them what quality really is. So we have to travel so that we can make a living being full-time musicians. That lets us travel to Virginia, Ohio, Nashville, New York and bordering states which is just what this guy was born to do.

I am a full blown Country boy so it doesn’t matter what I’m doing as long as I’m outside. Or making a positive difference in my life or others.)

Devon Franks live

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
The only artist that can pull me in and make me grow goosebumps with every song is the man Eric Church. This man is by far REAL with what he does. When other people write about the cover of a book. This guy opens a book and writes about the ink and hand used to write it. Honestly I don’t know what I would say to the guy in a matter of the 5 min. of star struck but my ears would be perked and I would be set up to listen and record 5 min with that fella.

Do you find that there is to much emphasis on being current and trendy…
Yeah its pretty washed out talking about tailgates and solo cups but the audience can’t receive enough of it for some reason. So welcome to being current on what you have to sell. But just like any song there is that next corner that nobody has walked around to pull on more heart strings than the guy next to you. There is a way to get to the next trend of being current out there somewhere that I am aiming to find.

I am most afraid of…
Getting to far down this road to not turn back and have nothing but road rash and not being able to reach success.

My personal definition of success is.
I have done something that I can only imagine that not a lot of people my age can do. I have been chasing this dream of course for years and years but I only recently gave the opportunity to my self to start my own product. In a matter of 5 months pushing the name Devon Franks I have created an unstoppable entity that when the day comes I run till my last breath my name will go on forever. I have taken all my resources and have masterminded a product to where I get to do what I love most and there is going to be nothing in this world that can beat me down that will make me change my mind.

My over all goal for my life & career is…
Of course becoming a worldwide sensation.

3 Ways that I challenge myself and how each one moves me forward towards my goal.
1) Making a living being a full time musician will allow me to put all my efforts into becoming successful.

2) To not get high emotions when offered the world so that I don’t veer of the work ethic that we are putting. Because I like saying that “If” we don’t become world class that it wont be for the lack of effort.

3) There was 16 million People that watch the country music awards so what I need to do is receive 1 million of them as fans and I think we will be right along the watchtower looking at the ultimate goal. “Fan Base, Fan Base, Fan Base”


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