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“As far as over coming the hurdles and pitfalls, I’m still standing and I’m still doing music. I can’t let minor set backs hold me down. I have to keep climbing with or without someone else.” – @dreezeydreeze

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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

My personal definition of success is..
feeling that I’ve accomplished whatever goals I set. If I say I’m going to release an album and I release it, that’s success to me. Even if I didn’t sell a million copies, which I hope I do someday, it got out to the public because I made it happen. That’s my version of success.

My overall goal for my life & career is…
to be successfully wealthy. I want to give my kids a life that I didn’t have. Give them a more financially stabled life. As far as my music career, my ultimate goal is to make it to the billboards. That may not sound like a lot to some, but to me it will a major accomplishment. An example of that is my 1st album “Kesha EP”, which you can find on Google Play Music.
3 Ways that I challenge myself …

1) Stay focused and in tune with myself

2) Give it my all. 100% dedication and determination

3) Keep perfecting the craft. Music is an art. That’s a picture needs to be painted perfect in my eyes.

Music business…
I’m not too sure how I feel about the music business. I’ve always heard things from some mainstream artists that the music industry tries to screw you over and make you a slave. I haven’t made it far enough to know whether that’s true or not, but I take heed to things that other people have experienced. In this day and age there’s a lot of independent artists who are building brands for themselves so as of now I’m going to do the same. If I sign with any major label, it’ll have to just feel right. That gut instinct that says “do it”. However, I do know the industry continues to change with time. All I can do is keep progressing with the change and never get too comfortable.

What pros and cons have you experienced…

Pros: I’ve learned a lot and continue to learn more about how the industry works per say. I don’t know it all but, I’m always an open ear for information.

Cons: I’ve experienced a lot of producers, artists, beat makers not being up on their game as far as business and paperwork goes. A lot of people make music, but don’t follow the necessary steps to make it 100% exclusive. That’s how I started making my own beats and producing my own records.
Hurdles and pitfalls…
As far as over coming the hurdles and pitfalls, I’m still standing and I’m still doing music. I can’t let minor set backs hold me down. I have to keep climbing with or without someone else.

Marketing is where I feel I need the biggest help…
Like I mentioned everything works on a budget. I don’t always have the funds to market myself like I would like to, so I just share and post as much of my music as possible on social media networks and hope that people are watching and listening.
Social media…
I like that social media allows me to keep in touch with my followers and fans as well as promote at little to no budget at all granted I use the right networks.
My main challenge is budgeting…
Everything costs money. It takes money to make money. I have kids and bills and life is not easy by far. Nearly everything I’ve done in my music career, I came out of pocket for. It gets costly and sometimes discouraging not having the money put behind me, but it is what it is. I
continue to work and invest in myself until a better opportunity arise.
Singles vs an album…
I feel singles can be great, especially if you have that hit, hit! Singles are quicker to get out to the public as to where an album takes time and is more cost effective. I’ve never released a single personally, I’ve more made singles for streaming online or gave them away as free downloads. I’ve focused more on albums just because they have more to offer; more music at once. I’ve also released free mixtapes mainly on datpiff.com, which I enjoy because they kind of bypass all the rules that apply to exclusive music, but you can still make them sound and feel like an album, even if they are truly exclusive.

As a child I always looked up to my older brother Demetrius…
we call him Mechie. We are a year apart in age. He actually passed away in 2009. He used to love to dance and sing and was a huge Michael Jackson fan. With that said, I caught on to the singing part pretty quick, not so much the dancing lol. So I was inspired by a lot of artists from the 80’s and 90’s, such as: Michael Jackson, Fat Boys, Boyz II Men, Digital Underground, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Tupac and many more… I wrote my 1st rap verse and hook at 6 yrs old, although, I can’t remember the lyrics. So I’ve been inspired to do music since a very young age.

Dreezey Dreeze is the brand as a solo artist which is established under my own independent label Sooner Boyz Entertainment.

Up All Night…
I’m is about me as an artist just spitting bars, living my life happily whether times are troublesome or not and just smiling through it all. I’d say it’s inspirational for other people to focus on being happy and smiling no matter what. Just enjoy life.

It started out as practice on mixing music being that I do it all. I write lyrics, I makes beats ( instrumentals) I record my own music in most cases, I mix it; I just do it all, but I’m still learning a lot. So this song in particular started out as a practice mix. I made the beat in about two hours, wrote the lyrics in about 20 mins, recorded and mixed it in about an hour tops. And that’s honestly how this song came about.

The only funny thing I can say happened during the recording of this song is that my girlfriend was actually snoring as I was trying to record since I have a home studio, but you can’t hear any of that in the recording lol.
Dreezey Edit 4You can expect greatness from my music…
I’m not too into the fad music I hear lately, not to say some of the artists out now aren’t talented, but a lot of artists are copying each others styles. I try to come up with my own style and just do me. So you can expect just that, Dreezey Dreeze’s style. I do have an album releasing soon titled ‘No Features‘. I’m Smiling will not be on the album unfortunately, however, It does consist of twelve songs that are just as good if not better. The concept of the ‘No Features’ album is that I didn’t want anyone featured on the project whatsoever. I produced it entirely on my own including making every beat on the album, so it’s 100% me; and that’s how I came up with ‘No Features’. I plan on marketing the album through digital distribution and social networking. I plan to have it distributed on all major platforms such as iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon, etc. through a distribution deal with CD Baby.
I was born and raised and still reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma…
Music in my town is pretty local. We have a bunch of local artists. There’s not really an industry here such as a major label. What I have seen boom around here is pay to play events. They are sometimes out of control. I want to get paid for playing not paying to play. That’s just me.

There are a few clubs and bars to go to but to be honest, I hardly ever go to any so I can’t really name them off top. I used to usher at the arena we have here called the BOK CENTER. While working there I got the opportunity to see tons and tons of professional concerts and shows. Nearly every mainstream artist that has came to Tulsa, I’ve been to their concert. That just made me more excited for bigger venues versus just hanging out on weekends at local clubs. Not to say I haven’t performed at some in the past and plan to perform at more in the future, but I’m just a down to earth chill kind of guy.

I enjoy going out to eat and taking road trips; seeing other parts of the world. When it comes to music, I really enjoy engineering the music; mixing it.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Dr Dre. One of the greatest producers in history. I just want to lean techniques to engineering and progressing as an artist; learning the music business.

I think being current and trendy is very important…
but I also feel that you can’t loose yourself to what someone else is doing just because it’s working for them. If anything, I like originality and innovation. Instead of focusing on being current and trendy, focus on being futuristic and a legend. Even if your style is not as typical as some of the music we hear today. Just be different.

I am most afraid of… I am most afraid of failure. I try hard to be the best and outstanding. If I fail, not only do I let my fans and family down but I let myself down. So I like to win, not fail.


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