DVR Shares His Experience In Music Industry

DVR Shares His Experience In Music Industry


I think that we are in the middle of a gigantic self-correcting
process and that labels as we’ve known them are a dying species. The larger labels are trying desperately to hang on to their relevance and existence while the smaller labels are trying to adapt to the new order  @Olzios

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Episode #368 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax :

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW DVR
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Olav Christensen


I think that we are in the middle of a gigantic self-correcting
process and that labels as we’ve known them are a dying species. The larger labels are trying desperately to hang on to their relevance and existence while the smaller labels are trying to adapt to the new order! Everyone is trying to shout as loudly as possible just to get heard and there is an immense amount of amazing music and artists out there that never get played simply because labels believe that they can’t afford to take any chances on music that doesn’t fit in the cookie cutter, so to speak! When I listen to syndicated radio, I hear the same track repeated 20 times! It all sounds the same to me and even mastering platforms are automated to achieve that sound! It is music for the masses and it is just not appealing to me. It seems like the “industry” right now tries to appeal to the short attention span of the audience which leaves music that you would like to listen to again while reading the liner notes in a ditch! I do feel like it is a phase and part of the big self-correction. The pendulum will swing back and we will hear releases that surprise us! I hope!

I gave up on the music industry a long time ago.
I have no label behind me and don’t want one. I want to be able to do exactly what I want and when I want to! I completely understand that this means that only very few people will ever listen to my stuff but so be it!

I wouldn’t call what I do struggles and triumph for me is…
just creating and being creative so I have already won you see!

Probably Peter Gabriel.
I think he completely understands the zen of creating and exploring. I wouldn’t even want to pick his brain. I’d just want to play crocket on his lawn with him! To me, he’s a legend. If not Gabriel, then Daniel Lanois. I’d have a good glass of Scotch with him and have him tell me about his adventures! I think he has stories to tell!

Both Gabriel and Lanois are inventors in the purest form.
The sounds and style they have created are unique and thought provoking. It is interesting and telling to me that these amazing musicians are not generally exposed to a younger audience! My daughter, who is now 18 month old, will have mandatory listening sessions with me and they (Gabriel and Lanois) will absolutely be part of the curriculum!

My mother gave me a set of drums when I was 14
and I started playing in a band almost immediately even though I had no idea how to actually play them. I practiced all the time and listened to my heroes, Stewart Copeland, Billie Cobham, Phil Collins etc. I got better but got bored hiding behind the drum kit so I started singing while playing the drums and then gradually transitioned to just singing. Never looked back! These days, I work in my studio almost exclusively and only on rare occasions play a live gig with my old Police cover band back in Denmark! Playing a gig with them in October actually! We’ve toured longer than the actual Police!

“Cupertino Cabal”

The track is from my album “California” featuring Ancelmo James.
All 10 tracks are inspired by experiences or random knowledge I have about the name sake state. “Cupertino Cabal” is based on one of those random pieces of information that Cupertino, CA has one of the highest concentrations of people from India. Hence the eastern inspired sound on the track!

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The entire album is based on a guitar recording session I did in Palos Verde, CA
over an extended weekend while staying a resort out there. Hours of guitar recorded! At one point, I just got into a groove in E and mused on that for a while. When I finally stopped it had been about an hour! My own little jam session. Out of the 8 tracks recorded I used maybe 20 seconds and cut that up into bits and pieces to create the track. I had fun!

I hope that it will get heard and appreciated.
I am very humble and my mindset when recording is just to do my best. I don’t record for anyone but myself and I try to enjoy myself as much as possible. That was also the message I tried to convey to my partner in crime, Ancelmo James who composed and recorded all the bass for the album. I gave him no direction whatsoever and told him to play what he felt like playing! He did not disappoint! I feel that this album is my best work so far and I hope that listeners can tell that I had fun making the album with Ancelmo!


I live in Brooklyn, NY
and the scene here I believe is thriving and abundant! I play live rarely and don’t actually go out to listen to music very often. Last concert I went to was Ancelmo’s band “Quickly Quietly” very cool band! I am sure that there are flip sides to the coin and that bands that gig regularly in and around the city (New York) have a different view.

There are a few places that really try to embrace
new indie bands but I fear they won’t last. Venues I like are Bowery Electric, Knitting Factory, Cameo Gallery etc.


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