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My music is basically my psychotherapy. I let it all out through the lyrics and the melodies. Most of the songs I write are reflections of my personal life experiences, thoughts and feelings … but once they’re out there, they are no longer “personal” anyone can identify with something I write or sing about and that’s the beautiful thing about music.  – @elinorsitrish

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My music is basically my psychotherapy…
I let it all out through the lyrics and the melodies. Most of the songs I write are reflections of my personal life experiences, thoughts and feelings … but once they’re out there, they are no longer “personal” anyone can identify with something I write or sing about and that’s the beautiful thing about music. We connect through it by sharing pieces of who we are! And I hope to connect with as many hearts as possible by moving something inside them.

I have a lot of hobbies…
I love going to live concerts – when I go, I have to be as close to the stage as possible! I’m taking it all in!

I also love to create stuff… so anything that involves creativity and art makes me very happy! It can be painting, taking photos, designing jewelry, cooking… 🙂

Music business…
I think that now that people don’t buy records anymore it’s a lot harder for musicians to make a living out of music. However, I’m here to create and be heard, so I’m trying to stay positive and focused in what I do.

Social media…
I like the fact that it’s a lot easier to keep in touch with my fans and to extend the fan base. Also, it’s easier to connect with other musicians and people from the industry, to promote new music and concerts, to give updates, and to be heard.

Singles vs an album….
I think that these days it’s financially easier for the artist to release a single…however, I feel like albums are like books while singles are chapters in the book – and If the story is good then who wants to read just one chapter?!

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Gosh! So many options…..:) Tina Turner, Roxette, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder… Because they all inspired me musically.

Current and trendy…
Personally, I always try to stay true to myself regardless to what is “trendy and current,” and create from the heart. I believe the amount of musicians who create “not so trendy and current” music is equal to the amount of musicians who create “trendy” music and I would love the media to play it all so we won’t miss out on so many wonderful artists!

I am most afraid of…
facing a loss of a beloved person!

My personal definition of success is..
Any step that a person takes in order to grow, change and achieve is a success in my eyes. As long as you are really trying and doing what it takes, you’re successful!

My over all goal for my life & career is…
To be happy by doing only what I love and staying true to myself! To make a living out of music, to create and touch other hearts as much as possible, to laugh and to be surrounded by the people who I love the most 🙂

3 Ways that I challenge myself…

1) I challenge myself to write songs even in times when I don’t have much inspiration..

2) I challenge myself to answer these questions 🙂

3) I challenge myself to think of a third answer 🙂

I can’t point to one particular thing that inspired me, really…
Music was everything to me from my very early years. I think it is the combination of all the things that the universe gave me and all the circumstances which led me to my destiny at a very young age.

The soul I got, the parents I have, the country I was born in, the hometown and the house I grew up in, my personality… all of them contributed somehow to me knowing what my passion is. All of them inspired me.

Trying Not To Fall…
Well, I left my home, family and friends behind a few years ago and came to America to pursue my dreams and goals. “Trying Not To Fall” is about my journey here … which was not, and is still not, always easy…

Once I stepped out of my comfort zone, I faced a lot of changes and ups and downs… It’s easy to fall and give up … but I try not to 🙂 I thank god every day for blessing me with an incredible and irrepressible family and friends who are always there for me, encouraging and inspiring me to continue!

One of them is my very good friend Roy Braverman, who is also an incredibly talented musician, producer, sound engineer…he does it all and amazingly well! We write, record and play music together often. Once I wrote TNTF, I played it for him, we developed it a little more and then we started playing it in live shows – the response of the audience to this song was amazing and it became a “hit” before it was even recorded! :))

Elinor Sitrish


You can expect my music to be unexpected…
be open minded. Don’t try to box my music since it doesn’t have a box. Music isn’t supposed to be boxed in.

One day I might write a blues song and another day I might write a pop song… It can be about love, politics, an imaginary world…anything that is on my mind or in my heart at that time.

I currently live in L.A….
but I come from a very small and amazing country in the middle east – Israel! Many of the older generation are from different parts of the world and as a result our culture and music scene is beautifully blended. You can hear all languages and styles everywhere! Songs in Hebrew, Arabic, English, Russian, Indian, Greek… From middle eastern music to Jazz to Classical to Pop to Rock… anything! Just name it!

There are plenty of bars, clubs, street parties and concerts everywhere! Israelis love music and life and would jump on any opportunity to celebrate and have fun!


Elinor Sitrish LIVE - Photo credit - Oren Hizkiya


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