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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW FABIO VALENZA
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Music Business…
I met people sly and dishonest people but also sincere people who have believed in me without expecting anything back. The world is a jungle, we know!

I think the reality for me is in acknowledging the fact that if you can’t find solid opportunities in your own home town, then social media offers artists that ability to seek them anywhere in the world. The exposure is vast and convenient. I have always found more opportunities on major projects with foreign countries. I hate to say but it’s the truth.  The music I write currently is for all of course but I don’t hide that I focus on an audience that’s outside of my own country. Indeed, the facts show that I’m doing the right thing: 99.99% of people following me are not from my home country.

Rocking my Blues…
This is a blues-rock with orchestral inserts. In the last part of the song I wrote a part for a String orchestra. I felt the need to expand what we usually know as a blues song. I have this tendency to not settle for what I know. And after all, it’s just the nature of people who create music, right? The need to hear something new.

I was creating some tutorials to give some advice on how to write a song. I had just finished 2 tutorials and I wanted to do an immediate third one. I had been thinking how nice this would be for the character of the third song, I didn’t want to do anything in case I wished that there was a ladder as when you construct the musical sequencing for a concert.

Right then, it occurred to me to preserve the sequence since it has been ten years since creating the first 8 bars of a song. I have never gone back and I always said I’d use it at the right time.  Those first 28 seconds are a now over a decade old starting the melody on the Les Paul until now when I finally completed the material. It was finished in mid December after all these years.

What’s Next…
I have a project ready to be produced when I find the right record label to take on the project. This project consists of 10 songs not only instrumental but also with a lead vocal and choir; each song is very unique and there are at least 2 potential hits!

My music is..
both entertaining and informative about my great love for life and for God. Although I am conscoius that writing music is a great responsibility, I try to communicate something important and positive even in a fun and different way.

Give a flower with advice, a smile with a rock song.

I try to reflect what I learned from certain situations in my music however difficult and sometimes scary. In these experiences I have always found the help of Jesus. I’m not a fanatic but I have found a personal balance through all these life experiences.



I would love 5 minutes alone with…
Brian May. Because I feel that we have a lot in common. He seems to parallel  my way of thinking about music and my musical nature which is mainly symphonic.

I find similarities in his way of taking advantage of the melodies and his ability to build the polyphony. I have always loved this choral and orchestral nature of his music. It is a feature with which I grew up and that I was inevitably affected. And it was obviously a very positive thing. Brian May and Queen were a great and fundamental example in my musical growth. I will always have great admiration and think highly of Brian May and Queen.

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