Tara King

“I’m glad its more in my control than artist before me. A huge pro is that the internet has open up such a large window. Another is that non-traditional has become a value of our society.” – @Nitetaras

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW TARA KING
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Music business…
I’m glad its more in my control than artist before me. A huge pro is that the internet has open up such a large window. Another is that non-traditional has become a value of our society.

One of the biggest cons is that the conglomerates still monopolize the industry. For example major music retail companies keep my music undiscoverable, while the labels’ artist clog the feed. I literally can’t even pay to promote my music through their outlet. I know some artist are against companies like Spotify, but without it people aren’t going to stumble across my music. So it’s like they are promoting my music and paying me a little.

A pro and con is record labels. Essential they’re investors that will help you get to the next level, but reap the benefits of everything you’ve built. You can make it pretty far without them, but unfortunately at some point you’ll need everything they offer. You just have to know exactly what’s important to you and what control you’re willing to give up.

Hurdles and pitfalls…
I hope most of my expensive and painful lessons are behind me. [sigh] No one cares about your project as much as you. Even when you pay them you may not get the results you expect. I try to avoid the hurdles and pitfalls by educating myself and doing as much as I can myself. Other than that I’m just rolling with the punches.

Social media…
I love that I can connect with people all over the world. And instantly.

Yeah, it’s competitive and needy. With so many people obsessed with fame and themselves it makes it hard to be heard. It’s also something you really have to maintain. POST. POST. POST. HASHTAG ON HASHTAG. LIKE FOR LIKE. PLEASE FOLLOW AND SHARE. PEACE.

Singles vs an album…
Ah, I guess it really just depends on the song or the album. In case you haven’t realized yet, I’m a viber… If it feel like it’s strong enough to be a single then its a single and if a group of songs vibe together its an album. A single is great way to promote if you have an album though. Now EP vs full album, I feel like artist can create more cohesive EPs and much quicker than full albums. They’re half the cost and… the faster the product the faster the return. It’s also nice to be on to the next project which I think fans appreciate it as well. Talk about the differences in your marketing strategy to support your preference.

3 Ways that I challenge myself and how each one moves me forward
towards my goal.

1) Trying something multiple ways. I always push myself to write in different styles. I find the piece will revel definition I didn’t realize was in it. Plus I usually discover new techniques or something about myself. Writing is the heart of my artistry and so I feel it needs to always be progressing. I would love to be recognized in the literary world and pushing my writing will hopefully accomplish that. Also having layered meanings and points of view broadens my spectrum.

2) Compare myself to my idols. If I ever want to be on their level I have to a focal point.

3)Staying up to date, doing everything myself and learning from it. I try to do this in every aspect; art, music, the world, news, science, business, etc. I think doing this allows me to make versatile art and because I try to do everything myself I’ve become pretty knowledgable in business. Being good at business is the key to being successful in this industry, and continuing to learn, from yourself and others, will keep you successful.

I grew up wandering my parents pasture…
daydreaming and singing. I’ve always had a wild imagination; music allowed me to space out and have guided daydreams. I think I was really amazed hearing my voice able to mimic the melodies and notes of my idols. Music has always been in me, it was really just finally letting it out.

Sha Sha…
is a word I made up that essentially means “Shoo” in the song it’s referenced Sha Sha (with a swoosh of hand), like get out of my face. It’s about an escalating fight that was going no where and taking a turn for the worse. It was the last straw in a terrible relationship. This controlling alcoholic threw a hulk-like tantrum scaring me badly enough to pretend everything was fine just to make until morning. I changed the story a bit because the truth was to gruesome. Basically I said “no” and he wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.

The first verse was actually a poem I had written after watching the movie “Incendiary.” I connected to Michelle Williams character’s lost emotional state. I’m fascinated by the mind and mental states. Crazy how well that poem describe exactly how I felt the night of the fight. Even though the first verse was written at a different time all together I believe the song took me 10 minutes to write, majority of the vocal melodies included.

Since I don’t want to do performance for this project, for this song I decided to make a film. I researched rape, domestic violence, and controlling behavior. While I’m extremely sad for the victims, I found that I am also sad for the perpetrators. Like I said I’m fascinated by the mind. I don’t think anyone knows whether it determines us or we determine it. Realizing the “perpetrators” of terrible crimes are victims of themselves and most likely others was unsettling to me. I’m sure me stating that, is unsettling to others.

However I feel it’s something that needs a light shined on it. If evolution has taught us anything, it’s that we can effect the outcome. We have an opportunity to learn from them and prevent others from being on either end of these situations.


You can expect it to not follow the rules, any rules…
I write exactly how I feel it should be and I won’t change a lyric to rhyme or a melody if my brain says it has to be that one. This album was about relationships; the end of a relationship, the begin of new ones, and strengthening my relationship with myself. You can expect what the world views as crazy or mental instability to be a reoccurring theme. As well as sex, darkness, and rebellion. You shouldn’t expect it to be predictable, even I can’t predict where my art will take me. As I discover more about life, I’m sure I’ll express through different themes and mediums.


My Music…
I hope it is heard and understood exactly how I meant for you to receive it. On the contrary, I hope it’s exactly what you personally feel. There are definitely layers, the meanings may not be obvious. So I hope it provokes people to think. It is open for interpretation. I want to break into the music and art worlds in a different way. I want to help pave the path for singers that don’t want to perform, thankfully Sia is already doing that. Music is much deeper than performance, but before it was the only medium option. I hope others start to realize they don’t have to follow the traditions of the past. If being socially awkward and inverted continues dominate society, one day performance might not even be the norm.

I plan to market the obvious ways…
blowing up social media, direct marketing, and touring. I hope I have a slight edge since I am offering music, an experience, and tangible art pieces. I also have a few tricks up my sleeve, that I’m not willing to share for fear of those outlets being exploited.

Tara King indieI live in Gulfport, Florida…
I don’t really know, I’ve been really recluse since I moved here
from Nashville.

I really enjoy dancing. Either alone in my music room looking ballet-ish slash Disney princess or in the car which is more like conducting and turning everything into instruments.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with..

Marina Abramovic. Because she understands how create an experience. She understands the pain of making art that people might not understand at first. She is art. I can’t even begin to imagine what I would gain just being in her presence. I don’t even think I would ask questions, I would just listen to what she had to say.

The Balance of Music trends..
Is there a balance that you have found helpful in your artistic decisions?
Yes and no. Music should be whatever the artist wants it to be. I however while I want to feel like I’m ahead of the curve, if I had decide to do a song that has a certain style that is trending I wouldn’t want to release it two years after the trend. Since I now know how long it takes me to create art pieces, for my next project the music will be the last part of the process, so it is on trend and I don’t hate it by time I tour.

I am most afraid of…
not being considered high art. not being understood. and not having a sustainable income.

My personal definition of success is..
Supplying music and art that does for others what it does for me. I’m a newbie, I’m not quite there yet.

My over all goal for my life & career is… To effect the world, even just a fraction.



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