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We like the independent scene because we have the freedom to do the music we love with the message that we believe in. – @RushingWindBand

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW RUSHING WIND
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Rich Huff-Lead Vocalist – Carl McGill-Lead Guitar – Gina McGill-Bass – Josh Templeton-Rhythm Guitar – Ricky Parrish-Drums


Music business…
We like the independent scene because we have the freedom to do the music we love with the message that we believe in. We would take the right record deal as long as we could still have control over music. The cons have been that some have a preconceived idea of what a Christian band should sound and look like or where we should play. We don’t have a problem going into bars and the people are very receptive of our music but we really have to push through that barrier because of how people think we are. One way we are overcoming this is we organize our own events. We are holding a festival in September, The River Rock. A bunch of Christian bands are getting together for lots of good music, fun and food.

Social media…
We love using social media. We get to connect with a lot of different bands and hear their music and share ours. It opens up the door to present our songs to people all over the world who otherwise may never have heard of us. There is a whole underground musical community of great independent artists that mainstream record labels might overlook.

Releasing singles vs an album…
We think it is good for the customer and for the independent artist. The customer isn’t necessarily investing the dollars for a single song they would for an album so they can sample a larger variety of music. So where they would want to buy a complete album for someone they don’t know they may buy a song. If the music is good they will come back for more.

We were each inspired by…
the early Christian rock artists of the 80s. We saw them playing the music we loved but taking a message of hope to our generation and wanted to touch people as we were touched by their message and music.

There is nothing trendy about our music…
We believe that trying to become mainstream stifles creativity. There is so much pressure to fit into a box of what some executive think people want to hear. That is one advantage of social media and the independent music market. You can be yourself not what someone thinks you should be.

I am most afraid of…
Compromise. We have had well-meaning people want us to change our look or music or message to be more accepted.

We define success by…
the people that are touched by the music and the message we bring. One particular success story is when we played at a local prison. Thirty men responded to our message. They were so respectful and grateful that someone cares enough about them to take time to come and play for them. We receive so many positive comments and requests to come back. It was overwhelming.

My overall goal for my life & career is…
To keep rocking for the rock for another thirty years.

3 Ways that I challenge myself…

1. We challenge ourselves by constantly creating new music. We keep the creative process going and not just sitting back and playing the same music.

2. We continually practice to improve our techniques and sound. We listen to other bands to challenge us to go to new levels in our music.

3. We put ourselves out there in front of people in unusual venues such as prisons, festivals and detention centers. We want our music to be on the street and we are constantly searching for new venues and even making our own.

Living the Dream…
This song is a testimony of our lives. We are not dependent on drugs, alcohol or sex to be happy but still get to play the music we love and Rock for the Rock.

The Music…
We are still in the process of recording the album. Living the Dream is first cut from that album. You can expect hard rock music with a tinge of Southern rock. The thing that set us apart will be our uplifting lyrics while sticking true to our roots and real life. I think that it is special because after 30 years we are still rocking and still seeing lives changed. Music is a Universal language that can reach people when traditional methods don’t work.

Rushing Wind indie band

We are from the North Georgia…
area where almost everyone loves country music. Our areas have a lot of festivals that provide a venue for independent artist to present their music. I think as group the most fun we have is practicing, creating new music. That is the thing we love. We love playing for the people and the interactions with the audience.


I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…

Rich – Michael Sweet from Stryper. He inspired me to sing Christian music and was a pioneer of the early Christian Rock scene. He helped pave the way for other artist.

Gina – Glen Kaiser from Rez Band. I love their music and the message. The way they lived their lives.

Carl – Gary Rossington from Lynyrd Skynyrd – He was the first big guitar influence.

Ricky – Peter Criss- I love Kiss and how versatile he was on the drums.

Josh – Robert Johnson, Lots of hard rock 80’s artist. To many to name.


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