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I believe that only the strong and determined will survive
without big sponsorship or label backed marketing. The good news is that your biggest sponsor to date is finally in the hands of the fans @msmahoganymarie

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Episode #361 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax :

by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Mahogany Marie

I believe that only the strong and determined will survive
without big sponsorship or label backed marketing. The good news is that your biggest sponsor to date is finally in the hands of the fans. With that said you must nurture your supporters more now than ever before. Even majors are dropping or shelving artist for not having a large enough fan base. If it does not make dollars it don’t make sense as they say.

Pros: Absolute freedom, Cons :absolute market saturation making it hard to gain loyal fans.

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I believe that the single route is the way to go.
Most folks you can only keep thier attention on a song by song basis. I feel it is easier to take your fans on a continuously journey, Versus just dropping an album when you haven’t made a big enough fan base to care about it yet. That being said I AM A SOCIAL Media junkie because it allows me to gain support person by person.

I like how social media has literally allowed indies to reach the entire world
without needing really any budget to do so.

I truly believe that true artist stay true to themselves.
Media would let you believe that you are too short, too fat, too old, not cool enough. Great artist set the tone for the world. Not the other way around.

I remember my purpose is to inspire the world.
I never see struggles… I see lessons. I learn more and more everyday how to never lose sight of the goal and the triumph is the journey itself. Life is too short to focus on anything negative. Just do what you love, love what you do and INSPIRE the world to do the same.

I have always lived life in a method to do what ultimately make me happy
and living life to its fullest. I truly believe in not letting even one dream go to the grave before I do.

I would love to have five minutes alone with the younger me.
I had such a low self esteem and always wanted to die because I didn’t fit in. I wish I learned from birth that being unique is ok, and being happy is a right and giving joy only helps you receive it more. Never give up your dreams because of not loving yourself and never love someone else more than you love yourself. It is only when you are full of love of self can you share it . I am now abundant with it and I share it so much because I am finally complete. I honestly admire my mom the most . She has inspired my current way of thinking and this is the best gift she could have ever given to me.

Mahogany Marie was born and raised in Chicago, IL
where at aged 8 I discovered a talent for writing poems. By age 11 she had written her first song and my teacher encouraged me to enter a school talent contest which I won 1st place. Iit was not until in 6th grade, when her classmates encouraged her to volunteer to sing the song ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ on a field trip to see ‘The House of Blues’ did I realize that it would literally take death to stop mu pursuit of music.

Way Back

Support Artist:

Following her last release, Kick Back, Mahogany Marie goes Way Back
to dive into various styles and themes in her newest single. This release is the first release from her Sophomore EP due out later this year.With a mix of modern R&B elements and slight hints of country, Way Back touches upon some moments of her personal life, growing up in a low income yet very strict household, as she aims to relate to care free days when life was easier. Her leading mantra is…”If it is a risk being yourself, then that’s a risk worth taking.” Marie also states, “Way Back was written to bring a sense authenticity back to music. With subtle campfire like sounds the song was written to take you back to your first crush, prom and the fond memories of being forever young. I twas written to make you feel good today and take you a musical journey of timeless music to come. So let Mahogany Marie take you way back with her latest single. Stay tuned for some big releases coming from this talented artist and make sure to follow her on this personal music journey.

Back Story of the Way Back

The major difference is the variety and mere mass of independent artists
that have migrated to the Atlanta scene. Chicago music is basically more of a scene that really supports what’s on the Top 20. I didn’t have a problem in either city promoting my music. I will say the nicer weather in Atlanta makes it easier to grind on your craft longer and harder because you aren’t snowed in as much during the winter months. If you are truly different and really treat your art as a business, Atlanta and Chicago are great areas for music . My mom was my biggest determining factor for my move to be honest, however. Awesome vegan foodie places to go: Soul Veg, and Cafe Sun flower. Best music spot, APache, the music room, and my all time fav the Masquerade.


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