Matthew Huff on AvA Live radio“The growth and popularity of internet radio stations have given artists such as myself a platform to showcase our music to a global audience. ” – @TheMatthewHuff

Episode #271 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW MATTHEW HUFF
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

The music business has…
changed over the past several years. The growth and popularity of internet radio stations have given artists such as myself a platform to showcase our music to a global audience. Also radio shows have now expanded the type of artists they now feature on their shows giving Independent artists a platform to have their music heard in countries that up until a few years ago would have never had the opportunity to hear music performed by lesser-known artists.

Social media…
is an asset for both artist and fan, keeping the constant connection and avenue open for fans to become a part of the artist’s process and in some cases views in to their daily life.
Have you found any challenges that you’ve had to overcome?
Spending too much time on it. : )

Singles vs an album…
Of course, it’s always a good idea to release a single prior to the whole album. Allowing your audience to view song samples as well is a good idea to prep and excite people about the album. It has become harder and harder to get people to hit the buy button for music, so anytime you can prep this process is going to be beneficial.

Balancing music trends…
For me personally, I don’t worry about the trends in music. I feel there are too many people trying to be someone else. What makes the music world go around, is originality. We need more “true” to self-artists, and less cookie cutter artists. What makes my music unique is that’s is real and true to my life, my experiences, and my expectations.

I am most afraid of…
not capturing moments in my songs that could be the difference in someone really connecting to the music or lyrics that I write.

My personal definition of success is..
Success should be set by the person. I have always said that “making it” is different for every person. To some, making it is being a 1% but to others making it is simply living the dream of writing and performing their life in songs.

My over all goal for my life & career is…
In one word…Happiness

I began singing at an early age…
growing up in church we had a group called the Praise Posse’ that traveled around Arkansas and Missouri. Of course I grew up doing the small town talent shows. I didn’t begin to pursue music as a career until around 28 when I wrote Back Again, which climbed quickly to a Top 40 (39) song on the Music Row Breakout Chart. I have been branding my career since 2010, having played over 500 shows/appearances including performing in the UK. In 2014 I was nominated and received 3 IMEA awards which were Album: Give it All I Got, Song: A Little Bit of Crown and Country Entertainer of the Year. I have also been nominate for 4 awards at this year’s IMEA award show held in October. I am in the process of recording my 4th studio album. Inspiration comes in all forms for me. There isn’t just one thing that inspired me to pursue music full time. More so was the motivation from peers to give up an established business training retrievers and a teaching profession, to pursue a career in music.

A Little Bit of Crown…
was one of those songs that just happened for me. The song is definitely stemmed from an emotional place of rejection of which I’ve experienced more than once throughout life. The song started out with an acoustic guitar melody that helped drive the content and words for the song. I think it’s safe to say that most of us have experienced this emotion of trying to drown out the person who caused the pain. “A Little Bit of Crown” won an International Music and Entertainment Award (IMEA), in 2014, for Country Song of the Year and also helped earn my 2014 album Give It All I Got an IMEA for Country Album of the Year. The best songs are the ones that connect, “A Little Bit of Crown” definitely solidifies its place in that.

Matthew Huff indie musicThe Music…
Honesty…my songs are reflections of my life, my thoughts, and in some cases a look at what I would like to feel/find in the future.

I’m an avid hunter…
Once fall hits, music takes a back seat for me. I run shows all over the Southeast from January to October, but when it’s time to slow down I spend more time in the woods than anywhere. Growing up in a small Arkansas town, on a 1500 acre farm, you find plenty to do to clear your head. The peacefulness is priceless. More folks need to find some of this, it can change your whole way of thinking from the clutter of the city life.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
John Mayer…I have been very inspired by his life and ability to produce original music. A guy who has overcome adversity in the public view, yet lived his life without caring about the judgmental view of the public. People take life too seriously.

2015 IMEA Nominations:
Country Male Artist Of The Year
Country Song of the Year: This Is Our Home
Songwriter Of The Year
Hip Hop/Rap Song of the Year: Hometown – B-L33 featuring Matthew Huff
Josie Show/Country Blast Radio Award Show – Awarded
Country Modern Male Artist of the Year
Featured in The IMC Magazine – Fan to Friend
Over 73,000 initial tweets
2014 IMEA Awards:
Album: Give It All I Got
Song: A Little Bit of Crown
Entertainer of the Year

2013 Artist Signal’s Artist of The Month (September 49,000 Fan Votes)
2011 Nashville’s New Country Artist Winner
2011 George D. Hay Hall Of Fame Music and Foundation Hoedown Recipient
Music Row Singles:
Back Again #39 (2010)
As Time Goes By #51 (2011)
Power Source Top 75 Singles:
Back Again #20 (2010)

As Time Goes By #9 (2011)