Michael Flanigan indie music“It’s terrifying to think about something happening to my hands to keep me from playing. “- @mfmflanigan

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW Michael Flanigan
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

There are so many people trying to break into the music business…
it’s definitely extremely difficult. A major hurtle of mine is promoting myself online, which is everything these days. I’m actually not very good with computers so that definitely makes it more of an issue when trying to put myself out there and book shows. Some people are more talented at promoting themselves than they are at what they are promoting unfortunately.
Beside playing gigs. It’s every and the only way to get your stuff out there it seems. It feels too much like “please like me, please like me”, but I guess thats the game.
Singles vs Album..
A single is simply just one song someone can listen to in order for them to decide if they like you or not. If they do like it, that would be reason I’d hope for them to check the rest of your stuff out. You not gonna post 8 videos all at once.

The first time…
I saw a guitar up close in person I knew I would play guitar.

I am proud that in eight years..
I went from a food runner in a restaurant to soux chef. I have worked so many hours in kitchens throughout the years. My mother always told me that I needed to have something to fall back on.
Two things people do every day are eat food and listen to music. I get to create both of those things on a daily basis, and they are my passion. I consider that a success.

Take a Moment…
It’s about facing your fears and overcoming that “other” voice in our heads that can sometimes hold us down. (Like relax, you can do this). It’s about me and my guitar and songs and wanting to get better at writing and performing without fear or distraction. I’m talking to myself as I’m writing.
A lot of this album is me dealing with the obstacles of adulthood and taking responsibility. I was trying to become a chef at the time because it’s very difficult to make money as a musician in Philly. So since I was working all the time I didn’t really have the time to play anymore and that got very depressing. I gave it an honest to goodness shot once I met Jeff, the other singer on this album. So I’d say the songs are pretty much based on that moment in my life.
Michael Flanigan indie artistI live in Cape May, NJ…
The music scene here is great and very much alive. Especially during the summer season, most of the places you go there is usually someone playing music in the corner. They also have a Jazz Festival and a Songwriters Festival and places like the Mad Batter that have live music year round. And a LOT of good players too. I also love to cook and draw. I was a chef most of my life but I went to art school. Creating is my happiness.


If I could spend 5 minutes along with…
SRV, I ask him to teach me more tricks and licks, in 5 minutes, “go!” Only a crazy person wouldn’t admire him.
I put no emphasis on trendy or current music at all…
Writing is therapeutic and it makes me happy. Wearing tight pants and growing a beard does not. Being competitive is really helpful, which means try your hardest to live up to potential.
I am most afraid of..
never getting to the point where I don’t always have to worry about money. Also it’s terrifying to think about something happening to my hands to keep me from playing.
My overall personal definition of success is…
to be filled with happiness all the time without having to try but also being financially stable. Not necessarily for material objects but just being secure and not dealing with a balancing act all the time.


My overall goal is security…
and to keep the fight inside that wants me to keep becoming a better man any way I can. Good hard working honest people usually do well in life, and have good karma. As far as my career I just keep giving it my all and try to stay competitive in this flooded market.
3 Ways that I challenge myself are..
1. Gigging constantly a doing long sets moves me forward because repetition is great for your chops.
2. I cook for the B+B that my wife and singing partner run everyday, and gig most night during the season especially. Keeps me on the ball. I make examples out of each and apply them to the other one. Its helps with work ethic and professionalism. I took cooking so serious therefore I started taking music more serious.
3. I challenge myself with exercise also> If I was out of shape it would be very difficult to carry on day and night cooking then gigging during the busy season. Which I consider a goal I’ve reached already, and continuing to do so I have faith it will push me in the right direction toward higher goals and opportunities.

Michael Flanigan is a singer/songwriter/guitarist . Mike moved to Philadelphia in 2003 where he grew as a musician with his former band Corrado. He has been writing, recording and performing since 2005. Mike moved back home to Cape May NJ in 2014. These days he can be found playing solo acoustic gigs at a number of residencies between Cape May and Philadelphia occasionally accompanied by his wife, Diana, who sings harmony. Aside from his original works, Mike’s set features a wide range of covers from Motown, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Tom Petty to Fleet Foxes, Foo Fighters, Sublime and My Morning Jacket. Mike has performed at this years Cape May Singer-Songwriters Festival and has been featured on Hometown Heroes 97.3 WSTW, and Cape May Radio 101.5 WCFA. He’s has a bluesy feel for his guitar playing and vocals which compliments the energy he puts out in his songs, which he has unconditionally dedicated his life to. Mike is a very approachable guy with a great sound and attitude.

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