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I feel the music business is like any other business…
Develop good relationships, love what you do and be fair @MontanaHaze_

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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Montana Haze

I feel the music business is like any other business…
Develop good relationships, love what you do and be fair.

The pros I have experienced is people generally want to work with me…
I already turned down 2 record deals and always have had opportunities arise after people watch me perform. The cons is finding reliable people to work with. Some people go hard for a while then stop doing it. I keep going because I love it. That has made all the difference.

I like releasing singles because it helps me gain momentum..
while I’m gearing up for the right situation to drop my album. I want my album to do good so I have gotten with some people that can help me market it. Now I can prepare you for what the album has by heating you up with singles. Half of my marketing it geared toward individuals that have taken the time to discover me. The other half is geared towards industry professionals.

I like that social media has made it possible for anyone to be reached.
You can build a relationship with somebody on the other side of the country without leaving home. I have benefited from tools like ReverbNation, soundcloud, YouTube, and back in the day even Myspace because many viewers have the opportunity to discover me from the comfort of their homes or at a friends house or library. There are no record stores so these tools have replaced them.

I admire him because he did things I wanted to do…
and he also does things that I do like meditate. He has a lot of wisdom and is trying to better the community instead of leaving it the way it is.

I think there is too much emphasis on being trendy…
There is a lot of the same stuff in the mainstream. I do me. If everybody is using auto tune I won’t use it just because it is the trend of today. At the same time I don’t knock anybody’s hustle so if I worked with a producer and they wanted to auto tune this one, I would not be opposed to it. I just would not make all of my music like that.

My favorite inspirational quote is…
“Change your thoughts and you change your world” from Norman Vincent Peale. Montana Haze is a Parisian African-American rapper. From Saint-Denis he has a style that is international. He was introduced to hip-hop when he watched Run-DMC’s video “Walk This Way” featuring Aerosmith. He then embodied the culture with graffiti, break dancing, DJing, and rapping. “I always loved music but I love hip-hop. It influences everything I do.” This rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur is a diamond in the rough. He is raw, clever, and witty.

I got my start in music when I was 17…
Me and my friends hung out at this after school program called Hope Street at the time. I think it’s called Movement City now. They would let me come up there and rap. It was better than hanging in the streets during the cold winter. They organized a show and I performed. There was about 50 people in attendance and they loved it. I loved it. That is when I knew I wanted to do music.

Falling In Love…
This is a feel good song. It is about enjoying the nightlife and having a pretty girl next to you and you admiring the way she dances then spitting game in her ear to let her know how you feel about her. I may be rushing in but I think I’m falling in love with you.

I wrote the song in 10 minutes…
As soon as I heard the instrumental the idea came.

You can expect four things from my music…
It will give you a feeling of health, wealth, love and happiness. My album is called Meditation. I am still recording it. It will give you the ultimate feeling of happiness. It means a lot to me because I do things that I love and that brings happiness and I want you to do things that you love that makes you happy. What’s special about it is no artist has ever pushed anything like this on their platform. It is meant to be played in any environment, there is no cussing on it. I plan to inspire listeners that appreciate good music to do nice things. The four things you can expect from my album is health, wealth, love and happiness.

Places to go? I live in Reading, PA…
That is an hour north of Philadelphia. I discovered other artist in the city through ReverbNation. There are definitely music consumers, it just takes the right marketing to get them the music. There is an excellent music shop and studio calledSpyro’s Modern Music operated by my guy Spryo. If you need anything music related go there. I like to travel. That is one thing I have always done with my music is played it for people in different states and countries. I have always gotten a good response. I suggest everybody to do that.


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