The music business is a very competitive market.
You need a lot of determination and work ethic to be successful in it. As well as a great and dedicated team to support your vision and theirs. @Nyllethebes

Live Interview 
Episode #371 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax : http://www.blogtalkradio.com/avaliveradio/2016/10/13/episode-371-ava-live-radio-behind-the-music-with-jacqueline-jax

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW NYLLE THEBES
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Nylle Thebes

The music business is a very competitive market.
You need a lot of determination and work ethic to be successful in it. As well as a great and dedicated team to support your vision and theirs.

Pros: I’ve met some great people so far,
and learned a lot about how the business works.

Cons: The music business is filled with a lot of scammers,
people that pretend to genuinely want to help you but are really trying to make a quick buck off of you.

My struggles have only made me stronger.
Growing up we never had much, and that taught me to be grateful and use the resources I have to survive and flourish. My struggles have prepared me for greater battles ahead in life that I have to face.

God, I’d like to ask him several questions
on why things in this world are still the way they are. Why do we still have people starving and people glutinous feeding off of the poor and living lavish lives. I’d like to get direction on how I can do my part to help make things a little better. To uplift and inspire those who don’t have much or who feel as though they don’t have much to live for.

Since I was about 13 years old music has always been a way for me
to express myself and create art. I would write songs as well as poetry, in classes while teachers spoke. It became a means for me to escape the realities I grew up with that classes couldn’t advise me on. With no father figure, and a mother who worked extensive hours to provide for my brother and I, we moved constantly. The one thing that was stationary for me was music and poetry, sure enough, my words on paper came to life in studios. After graduating it became a career path, I don’t view music as a dream anymore, it is my inclination that inspires me to work hard and give back to the ones that supported me.

“James Harden”

This song was written during a time in my life
when I heard a lot of people telling me I “can’t”. I wrote it for those negative people not just in my life but all our lives, because we all have folks that try to tell us we cannot achieve or become. When I see how spectators and skeptics talk about all of the mistakes that James Harden, who plays for the Rockets has made, it inspired me. They talk about what a terrible player he can be, however he achieves and gets the job done. I feel that is me, I’ve had people tell me that I can’t do great with what I’m doing now, but these same people are clueless on what I’m capable of. The song gives an idea of the kind of obstacles I’ve experienced in my childhood, obstacles that have made me who I am. Therefore, your rhetoric is irrelevant to me, I’ve survived so much, don’t stand in my way.

Me and my partners with The Vision recordings
will be releasing an Album, which will be a collection of songs that everyone can relate to. It touches on how we reach points in our lives where we are up and positive, yet we also have downs, and we’re bringing back content to music, real life situations that people can relate to. We are putting art and originality back into music and not following the trend of music currently being pushed.


I live in south Florida,
I’m back and forth between Palm beach and Broward mostly. We have very talented artists in my region, Poets, rappers, singers, visual artists. South Florida is packed with enthusiasts with music. We have several open mic spots here, Bailey contemporary Arts is one, several clubs between Miami and Broward were artists are always performing.


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