My music is a glimpse inside my soul. It’s a little all over the place, genre-bending and sometimes embarrassingly raw.

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoInterview by Jacqueline Jax
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Artist: Sachiko Tiana

What did you go through to get where you are today..

I’m on a mission with music. After my Mom and Dad past away at a very early age, I learned to turn to music as a way to get through my struggles. My Dad would encourage me to listen to some of the greats that influenced my sound today.

I grew up in a perfect storm of chaos but the music brought me through it. I try to connect with people who are going through a tough upbringing and show them that they can turn their struggles into future triumphs if they can open up and listen to the stories I have to tell. The tough times do help you find the strength to tackle your future but it’s not always easy to understand why things happen to you. It takes a special person to move forward and have a future filled with value.

To me, success is about service.

I feel the most successful when I have been able to give to others and help them be their best self! My mission with music is all about inspiring others to pursue their dreams, too! I think that our passions have purpose and I want to help others connect with theirs! Each time someone tells me that they’re now pursuing or tryng something they were originally afraid of, I feel successful!

A friend once shared a very special thought with me…
It was,  “It’s not about being perfect, it’s about connecting with people.”  That helped me break out of my shell a lot with music and get more comfortable with the imperfections in live performances and even in the studio. Growing up in choirs and singing in church, it was all about blending in and having a perfect one voice sound. As a solo artist, it’s now about the complete opposite. Now I’m focused on  communicating the message of the song and the performance.

This has honestly been a major adjustment, but I’m learning quickly. Being authentically imperfect is what made some of the greatest artists of all time so engaging. Sounding like a robot isn’t what moves people; it’s letting the message of the song shine from within that moves people. This was absolutely golden advice!


“Sachiko Tiana’s music is as refreshing as a ray of soul-shine. She masterfully layers her strong vocals and incredibly honest lyrics over a bed of catchy rhythms.” — Vinny Ribas



Song name: Fall Again
Music Genre:: R&B/Soul
It’s funny, some people can kinda struggle with this song because they think it’s a love song. In reality, I wrote Fall Again about my own vices – how challenging it can be to fight against parts of my character that I hate. However, I used the analogy of an apple & original sin, so that people could insert their own vices and relate as well. This song is for people who feel stuck in situations that have limited their power – a reminder that they can truly overcome anything!

My music is…
A glimpse inside my soul. It’s a little all over the place, genre-bending and sometimes embarrassingly raw. While perhaps not everyone will connect with it, I think the music is really relatable because I write about every-day life. Typically a song develops because something happens and I sat down and immediately wrote a song about it. It’s extremely personal.

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I live in..
Orange County/Greater Los Angeles County. The music scene here is competitive and because so many people in this area are very talented are interested in music and entertainment, it can be hard to stand out. I don’t believe in competition in music – I genuinely feel like there’s more than enough opportunities to go around – so, I am sometimes reluctant to engage with people who have a win-at-all-cost kind of mentality. I like to find other artists and musicians who want to grow and win together which can sometimes be hard to do in this landscape.

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